19 thoughts on “Profitable Anti-Corruption”

    • And he could be a thief, What’s your point? We’re both speculating of course, so we’ll wait for the outcome to see for sure which way the pendulum swings.

  1. The incriminating photographs that are constantly used in the Russian media to take down political adversaries mean nothing – these photos mean nothing – without proof that this guy was selling the items for profit.

    The collection we’re seeing could merely be just left-overs whose rightful owners could not be found, or whose rightful owners were convicted. He may have been doing the best he could to protect historic treasures until fund and museums could take them.

    • I was gonna post a smart- assed opinion to the forum, but you just may be right so I’m gonna let your post stand without criticism.

  2. Human nature is hard to change. Each successor as head of the Security Organs under Stalin found and reported to Stalin that their predecessor had “extensive” collections of art, pornography, women’s clothing and lingerie, jewels, etc. This guy seems to be following tradition.

  3. It did not see any evidence of any great riches in the photos. I imagine most people could afford to accumulate a collection like that over the course of many years if they chose to do so.

    • Anyone can buy one!

      In November 2007, a Fabergé clock, named by Christie’s auction house the Rothschild egg, sold at auction for £8.9 million (including commission).[9] The price achieved by the egg set three auction records: it is the most expensive timepiece, Russian object and Fabergé object ever sold at auction, surpassing the $9.6 million sale of the 1913 Winter egg in 2002.[10][11]

  4. Well what would you expect from “Director of the Bureau Of Anti-Organized Crime Combatting.” You state his job title to combat anti-organized crime! So he is against fighting organized crime… what is the problem? LOL!

  5. I don’t see what the big deal is with this stuff. I myself have guns, jewelry, antique books, paintings and other such things. That doesn’t mean I have been stealing it or taking bribes. This doesn’t look like all that much to me, really.

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