31 thoughts on “More Details On The Accident At Domodedovo Airport”

  1. I saw a video in the news yesterday about the accident.
    I have one question: I can’t understand the man, who made the video, because:
    there is an accident: people have to try HELP, and NOT MAKE A VIDEO!!!
    this people are disgusting

  2. Terrible. I know the USA will provide any assistance the Russians may request. I also know the Russian people won’t fold under such atrocities, either. We didn’t fold after 9/11.

  3. Oh my god poor innocent people who died. I hope the other people are right I wish I could help. I hope the other people who might be on the hospital get well soon. I not sure what happen because I don’t know or I did not saw the news.

  4. Dagestan, Ingushetia, and Chechnya are economic basket cases. As long as there is poverty and religious fanaticism in these areas, there will be continued unrest. Communism was a binding force. Everyone had employment, opportunity,etc. With Russia having a weak central government, outsiders will continue to funnel money and guns to separatists. The separatists are not going to give this money to their kid’s education. They’re going to give it to their Imam or buy explosives. Economic determinism (Marx) is driving the separatists. Economics is the problem, economics provides the solutions. Russia needs to spend some of their oil and natural gas money building infrastructure (jobs) in the N. Caucasus. If one has a job, they cannot join a rebel group and hide out in the hills.

    • Repression and deportation of whole populations were the main methods to keep control over the Caucasus during the Soviet Union. If you don’t mind killing tens of thousands of people, then yes, Stalin had the solution to keep the region quiet.

    • This might be the first time I ever agree with SovMarxist1924. It is poverty and ingnorance that creates this situation. It allows the perversion of minds and the elimination of reason for the exercising of hate. However, i find it ironic that the Russian government will do business with, politically support, and thwart efforts to weaken the state sponsors of terrorism. Perhaps Putin will wake up and stop supporting Iran and other similar countries.

  5. From the United States of America, our deepest regrets and sympathies to the peoples of Moscow, to Russia and to the visitors to your great city. I hope that those injured recover from their injuries quickly and that the deceased are remembered for their sacrifice to appease the will of a few gutless cowards. For the destruction at the Domodedovo Airport truly was the act of homeless, country-less, godless cowards whose only reason for being on this earth was to prove their un-honorable ignorance towards public decency. No country wishes this sort of terrorism on another country. A public civilian place is not where differences in personal beliefs or government doctrine should be exploited with military hardware. Terror serves no purpose in changing opinions. The Russian people have endured so much worse in their history to think that this display of amateur cowardism would have done anything other than kill innocent descent people. Russia and her people will recover and carry on with their lives. The cowards who feel they were successful in their games will be held accountable and damned to hell. And the sad result of this destruction is that nothing will have changed for the better. Our prayers are with you.

  6. I agree with SovMarxist1924. It is one thing to exact revenge. Then what? Has the problem been solved? The North Caucasus region needs more jobs. Working people don’t blow themselves up. They go home and buy food and clothing for their families. Pure hard work is the solution to terrorism. I’m not a Marxist but Marx was right. How you think and act is based on large part on your economic situation. You defeat terrorism through jobs, not bullets.

    • And less political repression, less uncontrolled behaviour of police and secret services, a strict rule of law and less corrupt local and regional administration would help a lot as well, of course.

  7. Just watched the Prez’s State of the Union. He mentioned Russia! My thoughts to the victim’s families. Russia was/is/will be forever a great Nation.

  8. As an American and a human, I offer my sincere condolences to the families of those killed and injured.

    And to the Russian people, I wish you peace and prosperity.

    A man need never revenge himself, the body of his enemy will be brought to his own door

  9. I Agree with SovMarxist1924 and LeftSR. If Hajji (or anyone else for that matter) has a job and can get married and has to work to support his wife and kids, he is less likely to want to invest in the jihadist retirement plan of 40 virgins and all the hash he can smoke in paradise for eternity! good paying Jobs,infrastructure,and freedom from tyrany and oppression are the keys to a stable society.

  10. What word is on the jackets in english?Does this situation go deeper,between Russia and Chechnya?The airports are not safe,the trains are not safe,the subway stations are not safe,and soon the streets of Moscow will not be safe!

  11. Muslims again, Gee what a surprise. They contribute so much to Russian society with their suicide bombings and hatred of ethnic Russians and Christians…hopefully millions more flood into Moscow to bless us with diversity.


  12. Im sorry, but maybe something was lost in your translation.


    How is someone detonating a bomb in a crowd of people an accident?

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