Explosions in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow – 2 Hours Ago

Today, on January the 24-th, about 2 hours ago terrorists attacked Domodedovo airport. According to different sources, the explosion carried away from 31 to 70 lives, more than 120 are injured and about twenty are hospitalized in grave condition. Some witnesses say that there were two explosions but there is still no official evidence.

The Police is strengthening security measures in Moscow subway.

Taxi drivers charge $350-700 to take people away from the airport! Here they are to show such sympathy. The Ru-Net is enraged with drivers’ cynicism.

It is the first video covering the incident.

32 thoughts on “Explosions in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow – 2 Hours Ago”

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  2. this is terrible to hear my sympathy for the people is there a possible link between the two explosions ? that is the one in the factory.

    • They (you know who) probably needed an excuse to invade another country.
      And also, presidential elections are soon, need to get rep up with some sort of pokazuhha.
      Already in the news: kavkaz folks did it.
      Jeez, russian so called “democracy” is so predictible.

  3. Я не знаю, что сказать! И мы здесь, в Сербии у нас есть проблема с Shiptars как вы делаете с чеченцами?
    Соболезнования семьям погибших и братскому народу России!

  4. There is no victory condition in the terrorist mind except western civilizations utter destruction. Yet, many countries still do business with states that sponsor terrorism. It would be nice to see the Russian government join many in the west in cutting off these countries from technology and money.

    • Um, rich Saudis send money to separatist groups in the N. Caucasus. I doubt the U.S. will cut off S.A. from tech. Sorry, but it’s true. They have oil, we need it.

  5. Maybe I will think twice about travel to Moscow again.The last time I was at Moscow international a airport employee pointed at a suitcase asking who it belonged to.I walked away from that very fast!

  6. My prayers are with the injured, dead, and their families. I hope the people who planned and did this are brought to justice on the end of a sharp wooden stake. ..impalement..

  7. So very sorry for this. My heart goes out to the Russian people, particularly the friends and relatives of the victims.
    You might kill people, but you lose the argument.

  8. This kind of terrorist attacks is performed by Chechen terrorists and what drives me mad is that UK and other countries give those terrorists political asylum… I mean, they invade Iraq because of muslim terrorist paranoia and at the same time they offer political asylum for muslim terrorists that are aimed at Russia and not US or UK. Those double standards…

    • When anti-Russian Chechen terrorist-separatist leaders call for separation from Russia, these western hypocrites support it. On the other hand, if Abhkazians and Ossetians do the same, The United States Department of State says “oh no, Georgia’s territorial integrity should be preserved and nobody can infringe on it”. Oil of Discord I guess…

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