38 thoughts on “Unforgettable Vacation In Karelia”

  1. Damn, they were just getting started. I want to see more of these men in the wild of Karelia. This is a very impressive post, thank you for sharing these photographs and story.

      • Well my friend our two peoples are in the same situation as finns are, so we shouldnt be talking things like that to them. As for returning Karelia, that is just their dream.

  2. I was getting into it, I love that kind of stuff. But you just left it. What was the purpose of the mud hut? Housing for bears or something? Did they move into it what?

    • It may be wrong to kill animals in YOUR WORLDVIEW, but not in the worldviews of most people.

      If YOUR worldview is correct then indeed it is wrong to kill animals, but you will have to provide evidence that your worldview is the correct one, the one worldview that accurately represents reality.

  3. Fresh air and hard work. If a person did this every day they would live to be 100+ Fantastic pictures. Felt like I was there myself.

  4. Cool, i allways wonted to do something similar if possible!

    I was involved in the process of making some similar axes for export to Russia when i worked as a local blacksmiths aprentice long time ago, they are normally wery good quality and well designed tools, but the metal often act strange in cold climat.

  5. Thank you for this interesting intelligence on activities of Russians in Karelia.

    What appears to the average civilian as nothing more than two men on a camping expedition, possibly passing themselves off as two homosexuals engaged in secret love affair away from the office, is really a clever disguise.

    These men are actually Russian commandos on a scouting mission along the Finnish border. They are gathering information on waterways and paths through the forest through which Russian forces may drive tanks and trucks. If you look closely at the book one commando is reading on his plank bed, you will probably find detailed sketches of the geography.

    As an experienced analyst of such intelligence, I can see that this is evidence of Russian preparations for war against Finland. Fortunately for third-party observers, the Finns are the only Scandinavian people who actually fought in World War II, and will probably put up much more resistance to the Russians than the drunken Georgians did a few years ago. They should give us quite a show.

    Still, if I was holding much Nokia stock, I would sell it soon.

    Mahmoud A.
    Editor, Persian Journal of Intelligence Analysis

    P.S. The dog was probably beaten to death for defecating on the plank bed after eating birthday delicacies.

    • I can see that you are Canadian – a nation of people who spend much of their time “explaining” why they don’t have be as strong as the USA – so understandably you have a low self-esteem and need to lash out at others, including my mother. Why don’t you go to Tim Horton’s and enjoy a sweet roll and try to relax?

  6. looks like a great vacation! bo davis: so that they have something to do there instead of just sitting around. Also it could be used in the future by themselves/someone.

  7. As much as I wish Finnish Karelia returned to Finland. I believe this was the part of Karelia that was never part of Finland in the first place.

    • People are posting as me, using my username now??? I didn’t write that! I do wish our beautiful Finnish towns and land would be returned, however.

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