Sort Of Guys You Feel Secure With

One day was dedicated to the grenade firing practice

Special Mission 52

Special Mission 53

Special Mission 54

Special Mission 55

Special Mission 56

Special Mission 57

Special Mission 58

Special Mission 59

Special Mission 60

Special Mission 61

Deserted command post – excellent place for firing practice. The targets are installed at unexpected places

Special Mission 62

Special Mission 63

Using of grenades

Special Mission 64

Special Mission 65

Grenade is thrown into the building and then several soldiers enter it and kill the remained targets

Special Mission 66

Special Mission 67

Special Mission 68

Special Mission 69

Special Mission 70

The criminal hidden inside the building is the most difficult job for soldiers. The point is that this person is considered a citizen of Russia if there’s not a gun in his hands. So he can easily throw the gun through the window and pretend to be a peaceful citizen. Some of the gunmen behave in exactly this way.

Special Mission 71

Special Mission 72

Special Mission 73

Special Mission 74

Special Mission 75

Special Mission 76

Special Mission 77

Very good cooks and very delicious food is worth mentioning.

Special Mission 78

Special Mission 79

Special Mission 80

Here they are, brave soldiers of The Russian Special Mission Units.

Special Mission 82

Special Mission 83

Special Mission 84

Special Mission 85

Special Mission 86

Special Mission 88

Special Mission 89

Special Mission 90

Special Mission 91

Special Mission 92

Special Mission 93

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28 thoughts on “Sort Of Guys You Feel Secure With”

  1. Yeah, are you SURE these are professional soldiers? They were using a Garmin eTrex Vista GPS device, the same I use. Good luck getting a signal with that thing when you REALLY need it. Basically, they’re only good on bright sunny days, out in the open. Any other time, and you may not be so lucky.

    I think these guys were just your average “Joe” (or “Joeski”).

  2. “At the head of the group was a soldier with a map, compass and GPS-navigator.”

    you must have meant “Glonass-navigator” right?

  3. F. Bunker here.

    They are some kind of police special forces no soldiers, they’re wearing milicija vests.

    Ya Bum Ya!

  4. The first group of photos seem to display a militia unit based on the stuff they’re wearing (one guy has it written on his back).

    The second set of photos taken in the snow show Spetsnaz soldiers, which are most assuredly elite troops by any measure.

    • Russian equipment looks old because it’s painted, not parkerized/phosphated like most American guns. Ammunition used in these photos is pretty standardized for the Russian military, so not sure what you’re talking about – 7.62x54r, 5.45×39, 9×39, and 9×18 Mak

  5. … could go to any gun-show in U.S. and pull together 200 guys w/ better equipment just by offering free beer. Not impressed with these yokels.

  6. These guys belong to a regular police rapid reaction unit (Russian equivalent ot SWAT). Regretfully, but they don’t look like – top-notch professionals – some are out of shape/overweight, others apply face-paint in a way that shows they don’t do that too often. But again, it is not their job. They job is to operate in urban environments mostly. And this training is probably intended to prepare them for a tour of duty in North Caucasian mountains.

  7. You gotta admit, unlike the Canadian and American military, the Russian military actually does defend freedom (or whatever passes for freedom in Russia) from an active enemy.

  8. Give me one week and I can scrounge up a bunch of civilians from the backwater that are better equipped than the crew in these photos.

    I really hope this is russian special ops, because they’ll be lucky to make it to the drop zone, let alone actually engage a target effectively.

  9. Also there are a lot of different camouflage texture types. Some fo them looks like the British DPM or US’ BDU. There is a digital one. And I’d swear that on pic 39 (p3) it’s German Flecktarn.
    As far as I know in Russia everybody has their own Spetsnaz except the Salvation Army and some may offer the liberty to their soldiers do decide what equipment they want to use but still… some of them look like quite ragtag.

    Also, any Drill Sergeant will start screaming at a zillion decibel after seeing this:×682.jpg
    I would.

    • Soviet/Russian camouflage often copied western designs. The Soviet version of “Woodland” camouflage is nearly indistinguishable from that of U.S., for example.

  10. Soldiers are trying to avoid black color in woods – when you will be wearing camouflage uniform, enemy can see black color easily.
    Now these clowns paint ALL face in black, and are wearing black tactical vests.
    Airsoft players have better equipment, and even when they just enjoying hobby with guns imitations, they’re not holding finger on trigger while not engaging enemy.

  11. page 3:

    “After that they clean their guns.”

    This is a rifle, this is a gun. This is for killing, this is for fun.

    “Targets are at the distance of 30-40 m

    The exercises were gradually growing harder and harder”

    I can’t imagine anything much harder than hitting a target at 30-40 m with a STAPLE gun.

  12. In “real situations”, all front-line soldiers are either drunk or high on hard drugs. I have read too many first-hand descriptions of Yugoslav Wars, Wars of USSR Succession etc. to believe otherwise.


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