9 Interview With A Tiger

Interview With A Tiger

This cute fluffy circus worker came one day to take part in a press conference of one radio station.
While his owner answered the questions, the charming tiger cub had fun exploring the studio.
17 News From Russian Roads, Part 29

News From Russian Roads, Part 29

Guys playing against
traffic police - would you
23 Soldiers With Four Legs

Soldiers With Four Legs

Dog training center "Krasnaya zvezda" ("Red star") is the central school of military dog breeding and is the only special unit in the Russian Army of such kind. It was
founded in 1924 to conduct experiments on the dog usage during wartime. The experience of the "Red star" was successfully applied during the Second World War.
2 Anger of Kizimen Volcano

Anger of Kizimen Volcano

It has already been a month since Kizimen volcano at the Kamchatka Peninsula became active, so that two cordons of the nature reserve turned out to be in the
ashy darkness. A special research team on a helicopter had to fly around the volcano to determine its influence on the nature of the reserve.
7 Welcome To Freddy Krueger Beginners Club

Welcome To Freddy Krueger Beginners Club

Did you ever ask yourself how actors get made up with plastic make-up so that they look like scary
zombies or mutants? A Russian enthusiast tried the procedure himself and shared the photos.
11 Hellish Monster of Kazakhstan

Hellish Monster of Kazakhstan

A strip coal mine "Bogatyr" had been built by 1969 in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. In 1985 it reached its highest annual production level - 56.8 million tons of coal. The strip mine of
such a high production capacity has been built for the first time in the world and, because of this factor, in 1985 it was put into the Guinness Book of World Records.
13 Assorted Russia, Part 12

Assorted Russia, Part 12

The following portion of interesting and
strange things from the wonderland called
10 Hot Job For Real Men

Hot Job For Real Men

Motovilikha Plant is one of the oldest in Russia. It saw the daylight in 1736. At that time it was a big copper-smelting plant. In the end of the XIXth century it was rebuilt into machine-building. That was the beginning of the artillery
production. Just in time. During the First World War one fifth of all the artillery was produced here as well as during the Second World War. Nowadays it produces modern artillery mounts, mortar launchers and other "useful" things.
16 Black Sea Resorts of The 50s

Black Sea Resorts of The 50s

We have already shown you some old photos of The Black Sea popular resort
during Soviet times. Enjoy some more vintage pictures from the 50s!
24 Art Of Soviet Propaganda

Art Of Soviet Propaganda

Right after the October Revolution  bolsheviks organized a powerful informational war.
In this post a great selection of propaganda posters of that time is gathered.

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