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      • He finally speaks to me, lol, at last a response, a detection of a backbone. Argue back if you think you are RIGHT.
        Sov, have you ever been to Russia or any of the former Soviet republics?

        • One doesn’t need to travel if they read a lot (history, culture, etc.). Arch, do you think you’ll be answering me in Chinese by the end of the decade? America’s Chinese overlords may soon be demanding it.

          • Travel not important? Once again you are wrong, I do admire you for your consistancy. Travelling to a country and experiencing the culture and warmth of the peoples heart not important, eh? You are an ignorant man and you just proved it.

            I have been to Russia AND other former Soviet Republics. I have spoken to the people there, without the cold calculation of a political author, carefully filtering what I should learn. I know more about the USSR then you will ever know because I know it’s people, very well. I know the in’s and out’s of what people did in the USSR to make a living. I have heard the stories of family members, stolen in the night by the police, and never seen or heard from again. I have also heard the stories, face to face, of a Soviet Colonel of WW2 who served from the first day of the war to the last, a medical officer, who served his country with distinction, and was duly honored with medals for valor and outstanding service. I know the lies from the fantasy.

  1. Wonderful did you notice the photograph with the scaffolding on, all the scaffolding was round timber, I can just remember my father using it each cross piece was lashed with rope and the whole thing sawed all the time.
    More like this please.
    Oh and I think this is a first.

  2. Do not be fooled – these are the very people responsible for dozens of years of suffering, poverty, oppression and all kinds of misery of tens of millions of people, both within Soviet Russia and abroad. They either participated in such atrocities willingly or elected a government and officials to do that. Famine, poverty, war crimes, imprisonment, slavery – you name it. Soviet Russia was truly an evil place.

    • The Russians were also responsible for sacrificing millions and millions of men to defeat the Son of Satan, Hitler. No matter what the USSR was, the sacrifice of the magnificent Russian people, in defeating fascism, will stand as one of the great historic moments of the 20th Century. I am not Russian, but when I see a people taking back their land from from such a malevolent evil, I will admit, I want to cry with joy.

      • Yes and they did it all by themselves. They had no allies and recieved no military aid that kept them afloat until they could relocate their factories away from the advancing Nazi armies. And they didn’t use slave labor either.

        • Germany used ~85% of its military resources fighting the Soviets.

          Germany lost 75%-90% of its soldiers fighting the Soviets.

          The US Lend Lease program contributed ~5% to Soviet war materiel.

        • No your wrong the USSR had, and did, all these of things, and more. Why on Earth would you say this? Nevertheless, it can not be denied, that Russian people were largely responsible for bringing Hitler down. A few tanks, destroyers, etc, etc, was a small price for the allies to pay to keep Russia and her millions of men in the war.

      • So, according to Putler-approved lines, it is now Ruskies who defeated Nazis? I thought the propagandistic line was Soviets (including the unlucky Ukrainians, Kalmyks, Kazakhs, Belorussians, Tatars etc. etc.).

    • little did you know, those who instigated (and perpetrated) those crimes were jews (djerzhinsky, Beria, their minions) – and their victims were first and foremost ethnic russians. And these are facts even jews themselves acknowledge (those with stomach and integrity enough to do so, that is).

      • The funny thing is, Wikipedia backs up your claims about Jewish involvement in the top ranks of communism in Russia. Hard to believe how many top Soviet communists are reported as having a Jewish background by Wikipedia, but then Wikipedia is not trustworthy, from what I hear.

        • funny thing is I didn’t even knew about wikipedia – I learned it from a jewish, but try to find anything that can be seen as “anti-semitic” in wikipedia, I doubt you can find it (and not for long, anyway).

        • not just that, but also high ranking jewish involvement in ww2 events is also known and documented in books, etc., namely the offer by zionist movement to fight for the Nazi camp in the middle east in exchange for independence, the refusal by wealthy jews to finance the 10k dollars piece nazis asked to let jews go, which could have saved them all, or the intent by same high ranks to cause the highest number of jewish victims to further their Israel interests, which jews were forced into against their will.

        • Oh, yeah – Israel tried to get Soviet support first, only then turning to the US. You see, there were two camps in the zionist movement: the fascist and the socialist – and early Israeli politics were deeply influenced by soviet socialism (Golda Meir was said to be a KGB double agent and the kibbutz were modelled after the soviet kolkhoz, for instance).

      • I do not have the research materials to say whether you are right or wrong, Trotsky was certainly of jewish lineage, Lenin?, now it is all here-say. I believe that after the initial revolution (while there was still talk of the ‘bourgeois’being returned to power by force) the Germans instigated a massive smear campaign against the revolutionaries citing them as jews and jewish led etc to aid the counter-revolutionary factions.

        It is of interest to me that the anti-jewish thing was in the German psyche even in 1917

      • So correct,read Solzhenitysns last book, sorry you can’t because it is not legally available in English. LOL can you see the hypocrisy.
        Read it only online at http://www.occidentalobserver.com.

        Happy new year.

        • Really richard, who told you this book was not available in the land of the free? Not only is it available, you can buy it from Amazon.com, new or used, hardback or paperback lol.

  3. Thanks to the Comrade Administrator for presenting ALL sides of the Soviet Union. Too many brainwashed Americans and bourgeois lazy people think the Soviet Union was a miserable, h*llish place. There was plenty of decent, hard-working believers in the system who lived their lives just like you do today. The people here who are so down on the Soviet system need to read more books. I can lie and say America is wrong about everything but that only reveals an ignorance. The Soviet system was correct. The people in power after 1929 subverted and twisted the system to a State capitalist one ruled by autocrats. People who are against Socialism reveal themselves to be also against rationalism, egalitarianism, and intellectualism.

    • Right on.

      Tonight I had a couple of older ladies over for dinner from the former USSR, one who did Soviet loss stats for WWII, both top intellectuals educated Moscow universities and while they don’t like Putin and think the communist years were very bad where people when to the GULAG for swearing (KGB assumed it to be curse against Stalin) they still look back fondly at all the excellent times they had.

      Can’t believe all the mush brains that believe that the pics in this post are propaganda efforts, as if people who came from the communist countries never had a good time.

      Reminds me, another friend from the Ukraine who served as an officer in the Red Army was over night, one of the funniest and friendliest guys I know.

      Truly many of the posters here need to get out of their ***county*** and meet and get to know well other people, to open up their small minds, though admittedly regularly browsing ER is a good first step.

    • Oops, I replied to quick, I ONLY AGREE with the following:

      “Thanks to the Comrade Administrator for presenting ALL sides of the Soviet Union. Too many brainwashed Americans and bourgeois lazy people think the Soviet Union was a miserable, h*llish place. There was plenty of decent, hard-working believers in the system who lived their lives just like you do today.”

  4. Great pics. No more propaganda than any pics taken by anyone anywhere anytime. How many pics are ever shown of homeless Americans today?

  5. Nice pictures. I wonder how many of the people in the pictures ended up in the GULAG, and how many people survived World War II. Saw a picture apparently of Kharkov, which was wrecked during the war.

  6. Good pics. Great comments. Here’s mine (though probably not great) 🙁
    Achtung, Arbeiters! Let’s build a Socialist State!

  7. Communism is wonderful as a theory. The problem is that is ignores human nature. Most human beings want to improve their lot in life and get ahead.

    In the Soviet Kremlin, the survivor was the one who could avoid being eliminated by his rivals. Sort of like the American wild west.

  8. That’s some surprisingly good looking people.

    Look at American women from pictures of the same era and compare how many we could consider to be good looking.

  9. ¿la primera foto es de los 30s? Las mujeres usan unos bañadores muy modernos

    Thee first picture is from the 30s? The women wear a very modern swimsuits

  10. A. Bunka here. This just in. The average life expectancy of a Russian, living in Russia, is less than that of a person from the Western Sahara. 72 years of Soviet medicine and this is your vaunted achievement?

    • Archy, hard to believe you’d make such an ignorant comment. For results of Soviet medicine, look at life expectancy BEFORE communist Russia fell.

      I was talking to an elderly friend today who was a top intellectual, she was organizing food drives in order for the families of educational elite to have enough food.

      Different times, don’t compare.

      • Archy is right. Russia is one of the few countries in the world where the average life spam is actually declining. Degraded health care, worsening food quality, life style, are all major parts. I tend to believe that the healthy and productive people are just emmigrating away.

      • It would require a lengthly anaylsis of statistic data to perform such a study and statistics from the USSR…not very accurate, the bottom line is, I can’t believe there could have been such a drastic reduction of life span in such a short period. 1989 was not that long ago. Russian women live a more or less average life span, Russian men oh boy, dead at 61.

    • No doubt better than pre-rev, but that was 1917, and medical science was not very good anywhere back then.
      My point: you would have to compare all lifespan for all nations in 1917, and then compare to 2010. It,s an interesting question, unverifible due to Soviet propaganda, and the changing times. Soviet medicine suffered greatly during the Jewish Doctor Purge of Stalin. He threw out every smart doctor in Russia and they came to the USA and got rich.

  11. Heard the news from Moscow? (6PM CST, U.S. time) .. P.M. Putin says no lawmakers can go on vacation until the snow and ice are cleared for regular Russians to travel (from the airport).

  12. A. Bunka here. Yes it’s me again, I come back like the plague.
    Intellectualism, why are some of you people so hung up on it? Can’t intellectuals be wrong? Can’t they be greedy and power mongering? like the rest of us subhumans? I,ve known intellectuals who never accomplished a damn thing in their lives except talk. And talk is cheap. There are sanitation men who make a greater contribution to society than many intellectuals do. Brains are great, but keep your feet on the ground.

  13. SovMarx has one advantage over me. He has stated his political ideal, and I have not. This is unfair.
    Government should be eclectic. By that I mean look to the nations of the world for what works well and try it.
    For example: if u are a small nation and need a good defense try the Swiss model. Want to build nuke plants? Look at the French model. Want to build superhighways and bridges look to America, etc, etc…

      • A. Bunker here. Hey Chris, I drove down route 95 from Northern Virginia to West Palm Beach and didn’t hit, or see, a pothole, so, I think we have some nice highways in the USA.
        Remember, when your whole country is the size of the State of New York, or smaller, makes it nuch easier to maintain things.

  14. So everyone in the USSR were equal and recieved the same amount of Lenin rubles weather they went to college or not!Was there anything in that socialist system that allowed new products to be created that would move the progress of mankind foreward?

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