27 thoughts on “Welcome To The Army, Son!”

  1. I wonder how much does ER get paid for peddling this military propaganda? In reality russian military is notorious for extremely harsh hazing rituals where young conscripts are subjected to constant sleep deprivation and psychological and physical abuse by older soldiers.

  2. The economy is driving poor people into the service. How about fixing the economy and making the amoral rich pay more taxes? What capitalist countries need is some Bakuninist class warfare.

  3. Looks like the process of enlisting in the Russian Military is a big ordeal like it is in the US. I wonder if they get as many shots (in their arms) as we get in the US Military? When we swore in, it was a huge room with probably 50 to 60 guys and girls together. It was really cool Great Post ER, Thanks again.

  4. Good post ER! The photos sequence allow to follow the story of the young recruit very well. But what happened next? That would be a good continuation.

  5. Service term is now only one year and even summer and winter drafts never see each other during the term.

    Dedovshina is back in the days.

    In fact, it was hegely (hugely) overblown.

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