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    • The “USA” is first in income inequality between rich and poor; first in incarcerated people; first in illegal drug consumption… Do you want more, A.?

          • @SovMarxist, ANSWER the question.

            WHAT is OBJECTIVELY WRONG with “income inequality”.

            My father has a masters in “marxist economics” and he threw off that bullsh1t long ago.

          • Also, define “income inequality between rich and poor”, we could be talking past ourselves. =)

            Two minutes ago I just came back from tea with a friend where we went to ship items he had sold to the military, he started from scratch two years ago and is pulling in $400K this year; should I as a worker (for someone else) feel aggrieved in any way???

            Do my rich friends owe me anything??

            READ CAREFULLY “George Johnson”‘s reply to you, IT IS VERY GOOD.

            • The gap between the wealthy and the poor is greater in the U.S. than in any other industrial nation. The wealthy have received higher wages while the Middle Class and below have had their wages stagnate or fallen in the years since 1980 (Ronald Ray-Gun). The result of this is an enormous prison population, high rates of burglary and theft, a permanent underclass of drug dealers, meth and cocaine manufacturers/ dealers, an increase of homelessness, an increase in domestic violence and a sharp fall in public education. Read, Chris. The U.S. Gov’t. acknowledges all these truths. People with money will ALWAYS tell people they are miserable while quietly laughing at everyone below them. Don’t you realize people are better off under quasi-socialist Gov’ts like Denmark, Iceland, Finland, etc. where the income gap is much more narrow. There aren’t that many millionaires in these countries due to the high taxes- it is more equitable there.

      • No, American first in OPPORTUNITY!! There IS an income gap in America. Because those that got rich had the gumption to get out there and GET RICH. Those that are poor, don’t. They keep doing the same things that make them poor.

        In other words, it’s THEIR OWN FAULT. Government redistributed income isn’t the answer. That’s the biggest fail EVER!

        We oiffer opportunity, how you use it, is up to you, can even fail is you life. We DO NOT offer equal results.

        Your ideas, just bring everybody down to the lowest, make EVERYbody equally poor.

    • There’s also something else the US is “furst” in that I didn’t know until I used all my 36 Trojan Magnums in St. Petersburg, and found out that you can’t buy them in Russia, China, or the EU. Not that the US is anything great, at least not since they won the Great Patriotic War.

      • Funny, I live in an EU country and I can buy them. I still choose Durex though. Actually come to think of it, I’ve lived in 3 different EU countries and they’ve been right there on the shelf.

      • What an American calls a “Trojan Magnum” is what a Russian calls “small.” Perhaps you should try wearing them rather than using them to make waterbombs.

  1. God…this really looks like something from some SF space movie…

    And just thought about how much effort had to be done to construct all this, and how it’s all totally abandoned now…makes me almost sad.

    • The Russians are very superior in space tech to the USA. And way before USA. USA tech just looks more pretty, Russians care less about how it looks. They just stopped developing their Buran.
      In fact, Buran took off, orbited the earth and landed – on automatic / remote control! Can USA Space Shuttle do that? An considerable amount of technology is needed to do this.
      And the technical specs of Buran are far higher than Space Shuttle, a simple research on Google reveals that. Buran is more tough!

    • Probably not. I don’t think this is like the Valkyrie Canadian/US super sonic bomber from long ago, where Russia stole the entire plan set.

      I think they probably stole parts of it. From the looks it, yeah, they had to. But if you think about it, if you’re designing something, to do the same job, they’re going to look very similar.

      Look at how we went into space in the 60’s ad 70’s. Both used big rockets. Both used a capsule on top.

      See? Similar, but if you look at the details, different. Same thing here. But I’m sure they did steal SOME plans.

      Hey, it’s Russians do, they’ve been doing it for decades. So does China. Why not let somebody else do your R&D and testing, then you build the finished, working project??? Saves TONS of money.

      (but it’s pretty crummy)

  2. There’s a picture of that hangar that housed one of the Burans. It caved in due to weather and neglect (long after the dissolution of the USSR), killing several people. Sad.

  3. perhaps America and Russia should cooperate more in the space program. even through this site there is struggle. instead the battle only increases .every country has something. I do not live in America or Russia.


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