Soviet Union of the 30s 2
94 Soviet Union of the 30s

Soviet Union of the 30s

Some prewar photographs of the Soviet
life. Peaceful days in black and white.
15 Man Who Spoke With Bears

Man Who Spoke With Bears

Vitaly Nikolaenko, a famous animal photographer, died 7 years ago. He spent 33 years traveling around the world and walked
thousands of kilometers. His passion was brown bears. He met them 800 times and had 12 thousand shots of these animals.
12 Wonderful Icebound Moscow

Wonderful Icebound Moscow

These days Muscovites feel like in a fairy-tale. It seems the Snow Queen herself froze everything in its
beautiful city. Here are amazing pictures of the consequences of the freezing rain in Moscow.
20 Arctic Is In Trouble

Arctic Is In Trouble

Usually photographers avoid such topics... But sometimes they make an exception to
draw attention to the problem and, as a result, to make our planet cleaner.
8 Assorted Russia, Part 6

Assorted Russia, Part 6

A new sculpture has recently appeared on the streets of Odessa. This is a fantastic horse created by
Alexandre Milov, one of the best modern artists of this city. The only material used here is simple shoes.
38 Hard Life In Kolkhoz

Hard Life In Kolkhoz

Collective farms (otherwise known as "kolkhoz") started to appear in the USSR since
1918. On these pictures you can see its everyday life - hard work and some fun.
28 News From Russian Roads, Part 24

News From Russian Roads, Part 24

Some say it's madness while others support the idea. Anyway you can
see by yourselves how contraband cars are destroyed in Russia.
7 The Pictures of Soviet Petersburg

The Pictures of Soviet Petersburg

12 lithographs of Soviet Petersburg of the 1920s
made by the Russian artist Mstislav Dobuzhinsky.
16 Extreme Holidays In Sochi

Extreme Holidays In Sochi

As you probably know a construction team is a group of people who work together on building some project. What is interesting is that these organizations are absolutely voluntary in Russia. So you may guess its members are usually full
of life and energy young people. There is such organization in Sochi. Attracted by the sea and wonderful weather young men couldn't even expect how difficult it would be to work 12 hours a day under the burning sun.
27 Welcome To The Army, Son!

Welcome To The Army, Son!

December is a draft time. Look at this guy. He's not a draft dodger. He
decided to honestly serve his time in the army. This is how it all began...

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