29 thoughts on “Creepy Soviet Posters From Mental Hospitals”

  1. Heartbreaking. But let us remember that even in the advanced U.S., transorbital lobotomies were being performed into the early 1960s. Even on JFK’s sister. Humans have still much to learn about the mind.

  2. A. Bunka here. Let us not forget Soviet psychiatry was considered a joke worldwide because mental hospitals were a convenient place to keep political prisoners.

    • The Real A. Bunka here.

      Aww, geez, I’m married to a dingbat, so I nose sumpin about dis. Freud was a prevert, plain and simple, jus like ol’ Testicules, huh, boy?

  3. This is so interesting. I don’t speak russian very well, but I can translate it into czech. Sometimes it seems very scary, but it was Soviet union — No mental help and mental hospitals looked scarry, that’s my opininon. I know it could by wrong. So let’s discuss about it. Greetings from Czech rep. 🙂

    • People often make fun of the Soviet mental health system, but they were on the leading edge of considering lobotomies inhumane, if I remember correctly.

  4. The Soviets had many hospital/prisons where they kept both political prisoners and mental ill people. Nazi Germany had one method of handling mental ill people. They tied them up, put them against the wall and machine gunned them all. Nazi had no place for mental ill people.

  5. first?

    Uh, please: someone who knows the language, PLEASE explain what all of this is about….

    What’s going on with the photos, drawings, and weird artwork?

    And yes it’s creepy, so creepy that I fast-scrolled down to not see them all.


    • schizophrenia and forms, alcoholic psychosis, psychogenic, epilepsy, oligophrenic, mental disorders after injuries, hysterical neurosis and so on

      • thanks, that makes them slightly less creepy (but still creepy)

        what is with the artwork? are these drawings created by the patients? what is it supposed to illustrate?

        • Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never known a unhappy Canadian. You people are lucky. Sorry for this post, but to add humor (or else we’ll all go mad) look at the patient drawing of Death arm wrestling the guy. My comment: Guess who’s gonna win?

  6. They’re just schematics of psych-conditions.

    If you speak the language they’re not creepy, more educational than anything.

    Cool find!

  7. “Do they make your blood run cold?” – No, they don’t. Some of them are somewhat strange, some creepy. But since there is no translation of the explanations, one doesn’t know what the posters are exactly about.

  8. What makes my blood run cold is that in the US, people like this are now being “mainstreamed”, meaning everyone now has to deal with them.

    Better yet, they get to vote and reproduce, and I’m not sure which I find scarier.

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