27 thoughts on ““Cosy” Siberian Towns”

  1. The first picture says it all. I feel bad for people living there as the Soviet era industries produce so damn much pollution that it must be hard to breathe.

  2. True Communist “progress”. The “Black Triangle” located on the borders of Czechoslovakia, DDR and Poland looked like this 20 yrs ago.

  3. =) Never sow something like it here. Also I not sure that this is Russia, it can be post Soviet territory. Normally each country have regressed territory. Each town have building before destroy. & I would look on your country after losing in cold war, you know it’s not so easy.

  4. well,

    Some of the pictures show Norilsk.

    Yes it is not cosy, but all of us will go there where a lot of $ is being earned. We cannot judge this!

    Great post,

    Thank you


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