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    • I’m an expert, truly. Not a joke at all.

      This appears to be an abandoned mock-up of a Ka-50 (“Black Shark”) attack helicopter, or possibly better stated as the mock-up of an early design of the Ka-50. Possibly just abandoned when money ran out. The Russian Air Force has restarted their helicopter program, as most of their current fleet dates back into the early 1970s. The aircraft have been in continual stages of stop and go development and deployment even after the technicality of its introduction back in the mid-1990s.

      The Ka-50 would be a rough analogy with the US Apache attach helicopter (AH-64), with only one overloaded pilot acting as both pilot and gunner, but with a more robust air-to-air capability. There is a two-seat version, the Kamov Ka-52 but it suffers from balance and weight problems.

      The two-place Ka-52 is easily misidentified as the Mi-28, a similar generation, similar purpose aircraft.

      All of this development was done not just to modernize their fleet, but also to keep up with the combination of the Apache (now the Apache Longbow) and the US Army’s highly advanced RAH-66 Comanche “stealth” helicopter. The RAH-66 suffered from cost overruns and the end of the Cold War, being officially canceled by the Pentagon rather ironically after its first official flight.

      So that’s what it is. The rusted out hulk of an old helicopter frame of a new Russian attack helicopter model. How it found a new home near Vnukovo 3 in Moscow? That’s the real mystery.

  1. Its a beautiful piece of full scale modelling. By the way the rotor blades are not perfect, they shoud use a real one from the airplane junkyard. A fanatic like them might achive to get one.

  2. It’s a real size model of a soviet top-secret project about a stealth helicopter.
    So far, as I know, it was a Mil project. And it has been reactivated (maybe not exactly this project) few months ago.

    Mil and Kamov are on the research.

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