An Incredible Piece Of Hi-Tech Art

An Incredible Piece Of Hi-Tech Art

Some incredible though pretty useful piece of art made of old computers – the whole wall of computers was made by some little known Russian artist.

41 monitors and 74 processor-units compose a beautiful and colorful hi-tech wall. Every monitor energizes 60-70 Watts per hour, and every processor-unit – about 300-600. In the final analysis the whole construction energizes 246060 – 48090 WPH or approximately 25-28 kilowatts per hour. By the way, AA class fridges “eat” about 160 WPH or 2,88 kilowatts per day. That is that this energy can keep your food fresh for 8,5-16,7 days!) Or your coffee machine can gladden you with delicious coffee for 6 months!) Or it can illuminate your room during the whole year, 24 hours a day!

An Incredible Piece Of Hi-Tech Art

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  1. 41 monitors per 65 W is 2665W of power

    Old computers at standby eat about 200W, not 300-600
    74x200W = 14800W

    Both monitor and computers eat: 2665+14800 = 17465 W = 17.5kW

    During one hour they eat Energy:17.5kW x 1h = 17.5kWh

    During 24h they eat:17.5kW x 24h = 420kWh

    – – –
    Power is W (it is continousus at any time).
    Energy is power x time, so Ws or Wh or kWh
    There is nothing like kW/h.

  2. this “wall of computers made by some little known Russian artist” is “Mauritian Sunset” by Glasgow-based artist Sandy Smith


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