18 thoughts on “Weird Pictures of a Weird Artist”

  1. cool! works of this artist are in a museum of freaks (artist is not too normal, as you can see, he`s sick a bit), which is right near to my house. cool place)

  2. I must admit I love the naïve style of these pics. I always loved naïve paintings and I certainly enjoy these too.

    They´re beautiful in their ugliness.

  3. You can find some of Lobanov’s paintings (and a lot of other weird stuff as well) in “Collection d’Art Brut”, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Info: http://www.artbrut.ch

    We was also creating weapons made of paper, tins, plastic and other material collected from the kitchen we was working at.

    The person on the second from the last picture is just himself!

  4. How fascinating, the art of this man is wonderful ( in a amature way ).
    How unfortunate the he is mentally ill. I would actuly like to buy them and hang them in my office. Wonderful he must have aspbergers or schizophrenia.


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