12 thoughts on “Mirror of the Society?”

  1. “No doubts – Russia has got up off its knees and entered the 21st century!”

    That is 21st century? Pretty ptahetic i must say. What a dump, how the hell it is even allowed as a workplace, not even talking about hospital? Russia is glorious.

  2. This a mirror of humanity. Overpopulation (a lot of it because of religion) will accelerate our extinction. We are insignificant in the history of the Universe. Copernican spacetime.

  3. Is this really a average hospital?!?

    I find it really hard to believe, even in my country during the war and blockade, hospitals look better than this one. Many of them are even today in bad conditions, but nothing like this.

    Anyway, I think that huge % of 30 millions USA citizens (or whatever number of them don’t have health insurance) would like to get free medical care even in hospitals looking like that.

    • This look is common for hospitals, specializing in “social deceases” – tuberculosis, STDs and mental disorders. It makes you think that government considers them rather like asylums for the dying. (

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