Cool Cyberpunk PC


Why does a computer need a casing? Why should a keyboard and a mouse be placed on the desk? Why a front panel of a system unit should see a user? This “monster” can break all these stereotypes!

The huge construction consists of three main parts: a lower one…


Six arms are made from wall brackets for LCD TV sets. The frame for their mounting is made from metal details that serve for wood houses assembly (bought in a hardware store). Under the frame is a holder for the UPS made from a metal leg of an office table and a perforated steel band.


Ball-speakers and a “pipe” subwoofer. The “spider” construction is made from an ordinary umbrella and a flexible lead connector of a screwdriver.


The wonder – lighting system


The upper part …



For the base unit a case Slim-ATX Desktop has been used.


A container for disks has been made from … a dustbin!



“Control panel”. It’s been made from a furniture hinge, three door spies, antenna splitter, cable clamps, plumbing bolts and  heating coils. Everything is held up on a table-lamp bracket. The mid part …


The main detail is a plastic water pipe.




14 thoughts on “Cool Cyberpunk PC”

  1. Why does a computer need a casing?… Because they depend on strategic cooling to operate reliably, this can be economically accomplished by engineered layout and convection path design.

  2. this looks more redneck style than anything else. BTW, radiator on the left… cool… looks more like an ozone bathroom massage shower with a screen…

  3. “Why does a computer need a casing?”

    So the motherboard doesn’t short out when you spill diet coke on it. I speak from experience…

  4. NOT “Steampunk” No wood, no brass, nothing “looks old”….. Just a bunch of components acattered around.

    AND, it looks like the PC DID still have a case. 7th photo from bottom.

  5. Very Very cool computer design. Its completely away from the norm of what a computer should look like. Cool pictures thanks for the upload…

  6. Why should a keyboard and a mouse be placed on the desk? so that you can rest your hand. I for one don’t wanna exert effort raising my hand for 9 hours working, do you?

    Why does a computer need a casing?
    so that flies, insects, mosquitos, rats and kids don’t ruin your expensive set. How about moisture? I think the term short circuit should be enough. How about friends stealing your ram, processor, video card while you are getting something from the kitchen?


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