14 thoughts on “That Very Second Metro In Moscow”

  1. So if the tunnels are closed to the public how does someone get the pictures..? Cool pictures though its neat to see whats underground. Thanks for the upload…

  2. In the US they used a suspended & damped tunnel in tunnel design to survive a nuclear blast.

    Steel is subject to corrosion and has a lower compressive strength than concrete.

    Today you could use a phase change material.

  3. This may be also some of the disued part of the public Metro. Each system, and the Moscow Metro is a large system, experiences changes in plans, changes in operation procedures, etc. Each subway system has an important amount of tunels interconnecting lines for transfer of trainsets,. maintenance, etc. As the system expands some of these interconnections may not be needed anymore, because there are simpler connections at the outer end of the network, some depots were abandoned and bigger depots built etc. Therefore, every subway systems gets some ghost tunels and ghost stations, including the infrastructure objects.
    Another possibility is that the tunels are built, then plans are changed and tunels have to be built another direction, so part of the original tunels is never used.
    And there is also a possibility that some tunels are needed and busy during the contruction for work trains, but not needed anymore, when the subway line is finished.

    I believe that if these were objects of the secret system, it would not be easy to photograph them — for a simple reason that it would not be possible to get there. A photograph on its own does not mean much, because it does not tell what is where. However, more important is the fact that unwanted visitors bring a risk of disclosing the exact tracing and other details — in particular with todays positioning systems.

    Therefore, I have doubts that these photos show Metro Dva.

    On the other hand, I believe that Metro Dva exists — it would be irresponsible from Russians, if they did not build it. They had the technology, and they had a coverage by the public Metro, so if they were serious about their country and its representatives, they had to build it (and other underground facilities).

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