28 thoughts on “Abandoned Radio Center and Airliner”

  1. Isn’t it dangerous a so high antenna without warning lights for aerial traffic???
    Thanks for the pictures!!!
    Regards from Argentina!

  2. I have operated cranes and many sizes of boom trucks. Even at 40 feet off the ground, the boom flexes and bounces the bucket in the wind, about 4-6 feet. This is with a boom that has a thick steel trunk about 24-30 inches in diameter. If any wind were to occur while they were at the top of that thing, they may get flung all the way onto one of those factory rooftops.

  3. things in russia are left for the reason of “just in case”
    ya know, you may never know when you’ll need a radio tower…

  4. I think, these aerials were used KGB for suppression of radio station “Freedom” and “Voice of America”.
    Now they are necessary to nobody.

  5. The tower is interesting, extremely heavy duty, much heavier metal than was needed, I suspect it was nuclear-blast proof, like some NATO towers I had seen demolished. Wouldn’t be climbing it either, lots of corrosion on guy wires.

  6. Very cool pictures. What an amazing view of the area from way up there. I don’t know that I would climb it but I give the person props who did. Thanks for the pictures…

  7. Here is Location In google Maps http://maps.google.ru/maps?hl=ru&newwindow=1&q=55.758436%2C37.83126&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

    This is very rare Russian plane ТU-124А – last one.
    This is prototype ( only two planes created ) board numbers
    45075 and 45076. First Planes with such engines. Later from this plane was created TU – 134.
    Here is Link to original page – http://af1461.livejournal.com/44873.html

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