Traditional Russian Cuisine – Meat Dumplings

Traditional Russian Cuisine - Meat Dumplings

Meat dumplings or “pelmeni” is a traditional Russian cuisine dish. These are little boiled pieces of unleavened dough filled with minced meat of fish. Meat dumplings are especially tasty with sour cream or mayonnaise, and also with ground black pepper and grated cheese, parsley and butter. BTW semi-finished frozen pelmeni are also popular among bachelors or other people who are bad at cooking or do not have enough time to cook – they are very tasty and rich, cheap enough, easy and quick to cook!

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“Whiskey On The Rocks” or “The Swedish Komsomol Member”

Komsomol Member 1 4

28 years ago in November 1981 the international scandal “with Soviet submarine” inflamed. Going already in surface position Submarine №137 was not marked by any Swedish radar.

On the night of 14/15, October, 1981, Soviet diesel submarine №137, was making a usual training voyage in the Baltic Sea. Owing to failure of navigating devices and errors in place definition, it ran off the course in low visibility and took the ground at a southeast extremity of Sweden… Besides, Swedes informed Americans that on the board of the submarine were tactical nuclear weapons, and it made the situation only more complicated.

In the morning of the 7th of November the submarine turned back to its base.

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Looks Like Snow But It’s Not

Looks Like Snow But It's Not

Today in the morning Ust-Kamchatsk village could observe a strange “snow” that turned out to be ash falling.

Shiveluch volcano and Klyuxhevskaya hill are to blame. Visibility in the village is 5-10 meters now, people are not recommended to leave houses, all kindergartens, schools and enterprises have closed. Transport communication doesn’t work as well, people can hear the news from loudspeaker. The ash falling may last for 10 days more…

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