26 thoughts on “To Booze Or Not To Booze? “Real” Guatemalan Rum”

    • When you buy it will you buy some extra cans and drop it off at Islamic Republic of Iran embassy? I will pick it up during my next visit.

    • I guess that stuff must be produced by the Filipino San Miguel. The Spanish beer was originally brewed under licence from the Filipino company which is why they have the same logo.
      It’s one of the largest companies in The Philippines and, among many other products, does produce rum.

  1. I do not get the point. If the booze is to be bottled in Russia, transporting it in 5l containers is too expensive. Selling 40% booze by 5 liters does not make sense… but, hey, this is in Russia… 😀

  2. Only 40% of alcohol ? Here in French Guyana, our rhum has 50% to 55% alcohol. At about 5e per liter its quite inexpensive. The Soyouz technicians of the rocket base must be delight !

  3. Lovely, this will serve you a whole lifetime if you are getting drunk through shoving a tampon or a wad of cotton in your Arschloch <3

  4. When I was in Nicaragua in 1988, during the US’s dirty war against the Nicaraguan people, you could only buy 1 bottle of Nicaraguan rum at a time, that is, you could buy all the rum you wanted, but could only buy 1 bottle. This was because of a glass shortage, So you either had to bring your own containers, or get the rum put in a plastic bag. On one shopping trip down the mountain, where our brigade was, to the city of Matagualpa, I was sent with several 20l containers!

  5. I know it’s considered unhealthy to use plastic containers for alcoholic drinks, especially this kind of cheap plastic. Alcohol gradually dissolves some plastic chemicals which finally end to your stomach.

    But I guess “this is Russia”, nobody cares about such “minor” issues.

  6. Yeah, well, i would be somewhat afraid that i’ll get blind after drinking this, but hey, other people may have a different point of view…

  7. I’m from Guatemala and I have never heard or seen that brand, the most famous and high quality is Ron Zacapa Centenario which have won the Best Rum of the World prize but that was 2 or 3 years ago and it comes in bottle and it’s expensive. See the plastic container obviously it’s fake -By the way San Miguel sounds a little generic or common to be a good brand-.

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