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In this post you may see interesting stuff hidden in Brest fortress. Are you ready to face the truth? Are you ready to open your eyes and see that might change your whole concept? If yes, then welcome ahead, but don’t tell us we didn’t warned you!

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But first, we need to tell you a little bit about the history of this mysterious place.


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This is a fort in Bernada village, in the south of Brest.


Open Your Eyes And Look 4


Open Your Eyes And Look 5

The wall of the refuge.

Open Your Eyes And Look 6

The fort was erected in 1912-15. Are you really ready to move on and see the ugly truths that are over hundred years old? Then hop on:


Open Your Eyes And Look 7

For starters let’s see a bit of this gloomy castle from outside.

After the Great Patriotic War here was made a city dump, all exits and entrances were buried. BURIED.


Open Your Eyes And Look 8

Inside the asylum there were buried highly toxic ammoniac fertilizers. Can you imagine what a toxic stuff like this ammonia can make to a human body? Now, you are glimpsing inside the secret. Are you really ready to hear more?


Open Your Eyes And Look 9

It all begin with this excavation in Belarus around five years ago.

Open Your Eyes And Look 10


You see that red sign – it says in Russia – “Attention! Poison!”.


Open Your Eyes And Look 11


The scientists arrived to the site and settled in this white looking tents. Also the army was summoned. What they saw there shocked everyone.

Open Your Eyes And Look 12


Signs were installed to warn people never enter inside the burried castle.



Open Your Eyes And Look 13

The buried inner wall of the caponier

Open Your Eyes And Look 14

You still can change your mind and don’t view this posting further! We warned you!


Open Your Eyes And Look 15

Just a few more photos from outside. In a short while we’ll go down, deep underground.

Open Your Eyes And Look 16

From outside it all looks nice green and peaceful. But those are the military casemates, deep underground prisoners were held, chained to the walls in the dark.


Open Your Eyes And Look 17

And here we go, this is the entrance:

Open Your Eyes And Look 18

So what’s inside?


Thick walls of the fort

Open Your Eyes And Look 19

Footprint of the fort destruction in 1915

Open Your Eyes And Look 20


Open Your Eyes And Look 21


This place is very old and holds a lot of mysteries, some are still not very understood.

Open Your Eyes And Look 22


Those are the ammunition storage rooms.

Open Your Eyes And Look 23

Can you imagine yourself spending a night inside of those? Hundred years ago they had no light, no electricity here. And some prisoners stayed here for the years!

Open Your Eyes And Look 24

Do you remember this place is toxic? Let’s read on..


Open Your Eyes And Look 25

All they used to bring light here were antique oil and kerosine lamp. Here is a niche for a kerosene lamp.

Open Your Eyes And Look 26


The white cross markings in the niche associated with Christian burial chambers.


Double-tee ceilings

Open Your Eyes And Look 27

And now we are arriving to the  central gallery of the asylum. Here we go, closer to the heart of this gloomy place!

Open Your Eyes And Look 28

Open Your Eyes And Look 29

A gallery was used for artillery and ammunition storage and protection of military personnel.

Open Your Eyes And Look 30


Lookout point

Open Your Eyes And Look 31

A well of the lookout

Open Your Eyes And Look 32

Open Your Eyes And Look 33

Another buried exit

Open Your Eyes And Look 34

A photo of the fort taken from a dirigible during construction in 1914.

Open Your Eyes And Look 35


Scheme of the construction

Open Your Eyes And Look 36


Hope you liked the story it’s going to be continued soon, please check the main site for more places like this and the next part of this story!

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48 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes And Look”

    • Hi Danny you know Hoek van Holland? My grandfarther in Germany was stationed there from about 1942-1944. Do you know a lot about this place? Is there a place called Kormoranwaeldchen or Kormoranwald ?
      I often took the ferry to GB and wished I could see the place my Opa talked about. Luckily they did not see any really bad things there. Best regards Carsten

  1. WOW.. those pics in the tunnels look SPOOOOOOKY!! especially with all those ORBS! looks like some place you’d see on one of those haunting shows or something!

  2. I guess a fort is short for fortification…I look at these pics and I see a lot of ef fort.. for nothing. Just think about the endless nights some poor shmucks suffered building, fortifing,dying for this area because some a-hole in a suit hundreds of miles away said it was necessary , and for what? dust to dust ashes to ashes and in the end the pawns died for the benefit of those willing to screw over the next guy more than the previous a-hole…

  3. OMG later when the ppl go look throw the keyhole and saw nothing but red ……later he ask his father and see wht is the room and the father says that “long time ago there live a man and a wife who had a son …… one night the father kill the mother and took the son with him after that a lot of ppl go into the room and they were killed with no reson the ppl says that the wife is still there but the had no ider but they no thw wife had RED EYES

    a story i see than i made up XD

  4. First I wanted to say ‘Hey, the Czech frontier territories are FULL of those’ cause the bunkers are just EVERYWHERE but than I sought how big this one is and … wooow

  5. Idiotic series of photos which explain and show nothing. just a story designed with several steps for you to (hopefully) watch as many as possible of their rubbish advertisements.

    Brest is a French town of the west end of Brittany, by the sea. What these idiots call “fort” is in fact a blockhaus, built on the cost to (try to) prevent attacks from the sea by German Navy. It obviouly didn’t work!!!!

    • Peter Koo has clear views; only that he rejected the original demonstration of a fort somehow similar to a blockhaus defense.

  6. Well….I was not intrigued or impressed. You waisted my time building up anticipation to nothing. If you would have shown me the dwelling place of people forced on a ship and forced to use the toliet on each other, beaten and abused at the hands of insane people sounds and looks more horrible. But you wasted my time…building up the scenes that showed nothing of horror….I thought you found skulls and bones.


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