27 thoughts on “Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond”

          • Yellowstone no more beautiful place – it is more PR place. And Yellowstone small: about 9000 sq.km
            Kamchatka has a three national parks: Komandorsky (36000 sq.km), Kronotsky (11000 sq.km) and Koryatsky (3000 sq.km)
            And 5 Nature parks.
            Yellowstone has excellent infrastructure. Kamchatka is absolutely wild place, photographers can display only 10-15 percent of all the beauties of this land.

  1. if the girl took the time to slap some make-up on (in the miggle of nowhere mind you), then the guy (pic 13) should have taken the time to fix his hair…or at least cut it. p.s:the naked bear made me jump.

  2. I live in Canada and the scenery is much the same here. Beautiful landscapes and beautiful women.
    The bear eating a fish looks like it’s wearing lipstick… Clearly the Russian bears have better fashion sense.


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