27 thoughts on “Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond”

          • Yellowstone no more beautiful place – it is more PR place. And Yellowstone small: about 9000 sq.km
            Kamchatka has a three national parks: Komandorsky (36000 sq.km), Kronotsky (11000 sq.km) and Koryatsky (3000 sq.km)
            And 5 Nature parks.
            Yellowstone has excellent infrastructure. Kamchatka is absolutely wild place, photographers can display only 10-15 percent of all the beauties of this land.

  1. if the girl took the time to slap some make-up on (in the miggle of nowhere mind you), then the guy (pic 13) should have taken the time to fix his hair…or at least cut it. p.s:the naked bear made me jump.

  2. Amazing pictures, beautiful landscape, very pretty lady. Makes for a pretty kick arse set of pictures, thanks for the upload…

  3. our country has bears too. And our country has mountains except the cute bird. Your country has nice plants and cute animals. The end

  4. I live in Canada and the scenery is much the same here. Beautiful landscapes and beautiful women.
    The bear eating a fish looks like it’s wearing lipstick… Clearly the Russian bears have better fashion sense.

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