23 thoughts on “Flight Over a Small City Shot on Iphone 4”

    • In USA we have traffic jams daily. Why? Because a police officer is giving a ticket and the ignorant masses drive by and stare while yapping on their cellphones. I see it all the time.

    • No!
      Look at pic N 8.
      This is a part of road M8 (approximately 10 km. from Moscow).
      Left of the road is city Mytischi the right – Korolyov.

      This is a traffic jam in the direction of Moscow. This problem we have every morning.

      • So it pretty much is Moscow!!

        I live 30km from Vancouver proper in BC and we have Burnaby, Port Moody and Coquitlam between us, but in the end we still say we’re from Vancouver, even though there’s like ten “separate” cities.

  1. Amazing and beautiful in flight pictures to see and i am impressed with the quality of the pictures taken from the iPhone. Thanks for the post….


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