30 thoughts on “Ships of Vladivostok”

  1. I like that schooner! But dang, there are some real rust buckets out there!! The one with the cars is funny. That is NOT a auto transport. Well, I mean, it is now, but it’s not SUPPOSED to be a auto transport…. Must put ’em on with a crane or something. Very bad for the cars. Extra money I guess.

  2. I’m curious if anyone on here knows, is there a car ferry service from Vladivostok to Japan? The distance is no longer than that from Ireland to France (about 16 hours on a ferry).

  3. “Automobile transport” ship is riding high in water with unnatural loadings high on decks. It is fortunate that it didn’t capsize!

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  5. You can tell the military ships: 1. they’re grey and covered in weapons and 2. they actually look like people care about them.

    • correction; Kuril’y, 24 years in service as intelligence ship, and looks like there’s another ship of the same class in even worse shape, guess it’s used for spare parts like two ships of Kirov -class have been/are being used.

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