18 thoughts on “Cool Works of Russian Illustrators”

  1. Just what is Kawaii???

    The “modern art” drawing with the two women and guy as the bear rug, looks like the two women are gonna have a relationship or something.

  2. the drawings are kinda disturbing…the artist is trying to be whitty and original but in reality reveals his bitterness towards the world. no thanks! next.

  3. On September 17 1939 the treacherous Soviets ruthlessly attacked Poland, already under attack by Germans. Russians signed a pact with Germans to cut Poland in half and share the loot. Poland was once again betrayed and attacked by Soviet Russia. What followed was 50+ years of effective occupation by Russians in terms of communist government and presence of foreign army in the territory of Poland. May the memory of this hideous deed never be forgotten, in spite of continued attempts by Russians to rewrite history. Long live Poland!

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