22 thoughts on “The Early USSR In Pictures”

      • You speak from your personal experience(s), and/or you lived in Russia during this times of 1930’s?

        I am guessing that you did not, and that, as per your usual, you are just running your uneducated mouth, as per usual.

  1. when i look at these pictures i wonder how many survived stalin’s famines and purges and terror. and then those lucky enough to get through that, how many survived WW2? our life seems so easy in comparison.

  2. Look at those women exercising, they could have scared the Nazi’s away. Print these two shots up and use them for birth control, lol. What can you say about the 30’s in USSR? Stalin, purges, forced relocation, manmade famine, etc, etc, a socialist wonderland.

  3. People tend to forget the bad stuff.

    Back then, it was horrible! How are we ever going to live through this?? But we must, we must do it for mother russia (or Lenin, or Stalin, or he’ll kill us).

    Today, it’s “Ah, it wasn’t so bad. Lenin and Stalin, they were only doing what they thought was right. They did it for us…. They did it….. (wait for it)….. for the chillldrednnnn….”

    What *I* find funny, is they have sort of come to grips with both of those guys, and then, in such a short time have just about rebuilt them into fine upstanding citizens.

    You know what they say about history repeating itself. Well, that’s WHY! People tend to wipe out the bad memories.

    So, Russia will do it again.

    • I can agree to part of what you say for once johnstone. That is, a bad regime always looks to be better than it was after a space of time has arrived.

      I am not at all certain that persons of differing generations in any location will agree on or have an affection for anything – whether it be music, art, culture, politics, historical context, etc…

  4. Just beautiful. The beginnings of a Marxist State. From 1922-1932 a progressive, egalitarian society where intellectualism flourished… just beautiful! Read and learn the truth about the early Soviet Union.

  5. OK- here I go AGAIN- can we PLEASE get some captions, or even at least translations of writing on the photos?! It’s interesteing to look at the photos, but what and/or who the @#$% am I looking at?

  6. Oooo… Old photographs fascinate me! But it’s sad to see that some people had to wear their coats and scarves inside too, burrr… And those exercising outfits, some of them people are wearing, are somewhere beyond ugly, LOL, birth-control outfits for sure… 😀

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