14 thoughts on “The Dead Forest After The Fire”

  1. It will grow back, it’s nature’s way. First the ground cover, then the trees, most of which only had their lower limbs scorched off. Happens very frequently here in Florida.

  2. Many, many years until this young-growth forest regenerates. Probably 30 years in a perfect climactic situation.

    Never will be able re-grow the old-forest trees in Russia – those trees destroyed in this violent summer. Sorry for that, but this is correct.

    As far as the scorched wheat fields, and other mysteriously not mentioned RU ag exports… should not
    that be the real story here, ER? Hmmmm……….

    • Ivana, the Russian grain export situation has been addressed several times already in the Wall Street Journal. Latest I hear is that Putin has said no exports of wheat until the end of 2011.

  3. Forest fires are common whether man made or nature made, I agree with everyone in that the forest will grow again in time, if left alone. It’s just sad to see this happen to any forest where ever it may be located in the World.

  4. Its devastating to a forest to have fire run rampant. Where there is new life that occurs that’s a good thing but to have all life burn is not. I have seen wildfires firsthand and the destructive force that Mother Nature can wield to purge areas of what ails it. With it though new life has already sprung forth. A deeply saddening set of pictures yet still shows rays of hope. Thank you for the pictures they are moving…

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