26 thoughts on “Modernization of Russian “Duma””

  1. Looks like they’re having a great time playing warcraft online.

    Don’t worry they are just a facade anyway. Putin is running the show. They just pretend to contribute.

    • He might be doing this in his sparetime, u never know ^^

      Respect to all those grandpas who managed to get along with the new technology gadgets.

  2. Anyone else think that it’s ironic that the Russian government who is decidedly anti-American, is so utterly dependent on American technology?

    NEWSFLASH. Apple is an American company.

    I find it so funny that so many Russians think they are so ahead of the US, yet their own government uses so many American products that have no Russian equivalents.

    Will Russia ever have something like the iPad or iPhone? No way.

    • Hi mate
      why do you think they are anti-American, they sooner anti-Everyone. I personally think that US are our friends, we’ve never fought against each other. It’s only the matter of dirty politics and mass media

  3. Your right except one thing. Google forever. They are killing bills old company.

    Apple are such a bad product. So restrictive. Worse than Microsoft.

    And I am Microsoft engineer. MCSA. Sooner be GCSE

    • Hi MXI,
      I got MCSA in 2005 and MCSE in 2006. But why are you doing MCSE? it stops with server 2003. New win 2008 certification doesn’t have MCSA/MCSE titles.
      However I’m getting CCNP now, last exam, and go to CCIE
      Google? they don’t even have a simple desktop OS


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