A Requiem to a Lost Bomber

A Requiem to a Lost Bomber 1

Recently in taiga there were found the remains of a Soviet bomber. On 17th December 1939 approximately at 9.00-9.05 this bomber by extreme necessity took off from the airdrome Yagodnik 17 km from Arkhangelsk along the Northern Dvina river. The aid of the bomber was needed for destruction of the Finnish fortification. The weather on that day was awful and at 9.22 the bomber with four crew members aboard ran into the forest…

Today it is hard to reveal the cause of the wreckage. Perhaps they are quite usual – the range of circumstances: adverse weather conditions, bad pilot control, icing or maybe technical causes … However the fact is that the bomber stroke against the crowns of the trees and burst into pieces by the trunks as if it was made of paper… To tatters… In shreds…

A Requiem to a Lost Bomber 2

The wreckage trail was about 20-30 m. Everything remained on the surface in petrol and oil. The wrecked vehicle didn’t ignite by a miracle. 25 sorties were made to find the bomber and its crew but they were never found …

A Requiem to a Lost Bomber 3

A Requiem to a Lost Bomber 4

A Requiem to a Lost Bomber 5

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  1. Don´t mess with the finns, haha. A lot of estonians respect the finns, because thay kicked Soviets ass during the 2WW. Nice job bros!

  2. Very interesting post, thanx for sharing. When you think they where on the way to bomb Finns ( read kill).What an irony…. I understand they where taking orders , was myself sergant in the army of USSR, but what an irony…

  3. This wreck was actually found sometime in 1999, but only posted recently. The original blog post on the Russian website was huge, and in two parts.

  4. Great collection of photos and a nice tribute to those lost in the war. I’d guess that there are more of these grim discoveries yet to come. We need to value peace as much as conflict…. maybe make the world a better place. We in America need to learn and appreciate the value of this!

  5. Its a shame to see that the plane crashed and there was no survivors, but at least now the families can have some closure on the incident and know that their loved ones are finally resting in peace. Bravo on the services picture at the end. It ties it all together and makes the photo gallery that much more memorable. Thank you for the picture upload…

  6. so the remains of the crew were found or just some of the personal belongings? this says never found, as in never or as in till the date of this posting?

  7. Useful information shared..Iam very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.


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