Emergency Landing of TU-154


A TU-154 plane flying Yakutsk-Moscow made an emergency landing today at the airport of Izhma. The preliminary cause of the emergency landing was a sudden breakdown of aeronavigation system aboard. According to the eyewitness accounts when the plane was landing it came far out of the heliport deck, breaking trees it went deep into the forest.

The plane of “Alrosa” company had 72 passengers aboard, they all were fortunately evacuated through the emergency exits. The passengers have been taken to the hotel of an Izhma sports complex.







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  1. Bad things happen when the stewardess wears short skirts…or when the pilot starts drinking vodka before take off. I am glad to hear that all of the passengers were safe and sound although probably needing a change of clothes after such a harrowing experience. Thanks for the pictures,…

  2. Ah, there it is….. if you can’t stand Fox, then you can’t stand the truth. It all comes out now. Go stick your head back in the sand.

    I wonder if that offer of $10,000 for finding ANY bias in Fix NEWS is still open. Since nobody has ever been able to claim it, you should try for it since you obviously think you could win.

    Go for it.

  3. some precisions from: http://aviation-safety.net

    “The flight was operating as normal from Polyarnyj Airport (PYJ), Russia to Moskva-Domodedovo Airport (DME). At an altitude of 10,600m in the region of town of Usinsk the Tu-154 has lost all of its electrical systems including radio and navigation systems, flaps and fuel pumps that deliver fuel from primary tanks on the wings into the central tank that directly feeds the engine, leaving the crew with only 3,300kg of usable fuel.
    After emergency decent below cloud level the crew were able to spot an abandoned air strip near town of Izhma. The crew made 2 attemps to land, finally landing on the 3rd attempt.
    The abandoned air strip is 1325m, whereas Tu-154 requires a minimum of 2200m. The aircraft came to rest 160m past the end of the runway. ”

    i think the crew did a good job

  4. Everyone survived. The pilots are true heroes and deserve world recognition just like the pilot who ditched an airliner in the Hudson River a couple of years ago.

  5. The Tu 154 may have been good for its time but that time is well past. They are loud and guzzle alot of fuel compared to newer planes. There is a reason they have stopped being produced. Even aeroflot at this point has tried to replace all thier old TU’s.

    This isn’t russia bashing I love the place and the people but the plane is old:)

  6. Hey… For some reason strange things are hapenning with your site layout. The edges of the text are running into each other. I all worked fine the other day. I don’t know if it’s something on my computer or if you’ve made a change… Just thought you might want to look at it. Thanks! Neva Panzer

  7. This plane cut some trees and still is in one piece. But ‘polish’ tu-154 in april crashed in smaller trees nad rip into pieces, Weird…

  8. I salute the pilots who managed to land the plane intact and with no apparent casualties. Not only should they should be praised as national heroes, but also as heroes in aviation as well.

    I saw this accident on this site before it appeared in my local news sites. Great one ER!

    One day a documentary will be made on this incident. I hope to see it.

  9. Come on… one more time bashing russian planes because they’re old… Old planes are flying everywhere. Look at the ex-Northwest DC-9… 40 years old!!!
    Keep on mind this: an old airplane can be flying for years with good maintenance.
    Great pictures.
    Regards from Argentina!

  10. Ivana – what I honestly asume ain’t your real name, you must be a person with very low self esteem. Your reactions are agressive, the comments have no head nor base.


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