33 thoughts on “The Creepiest of the Abandoned Buildings?”

  1. I’ve seen more creepy labs of the USSR, on this website. This does not score that high. The baby lab or something was it, and the torture chamber.

  2. Looks almost like everybody decided to just not go in to work any more and left everything as it was. Weird…. Wonder what some of those chemicals were.

  3. I wonder how many doctors have stuck their manbones inside that gaping head. Also, I wonder if those flowers were textile flowers or creepy flowers??

  4. Well that must be a school for dentistry because that is a huge building. Kinda odd that all of the teeth are just sitting there hanging out… Hmm did they teach other medicines there since there are molds for faces and what not? I wonder…thanks for the pictures…

  5. It would have been cooler if the photos weren’t staged and then de/re colorized in Photoshop. I get it that they wanted to create some sort of emotion with tools on the floor and objects stacked in strange places next to other strangely placed objects…But it would have been more interesting to see pictures of the items where they were actually found.

  6. Creepy? Resident Evil’s spook scenes are creepy. The Wiggles’ muppets are creepy. Lava lamps are creepy, somehow. This? This is SCARY. Scary like most of the other abandoned places you guys post in here. Well, mostly for the fact it’s 02:10 in the morning right now, and this is usually the time I read this kinda weird stuff ’round the net.
    I wonder what all those tools and molds and whatnot were used for… mainly that orb-shaped thing with the four pipes sprouting out. As I said earlier, SCARY.

  7. Scary or not, this looks like a freaking awesome place to go hunting for theatrical, movie, and set design props. There are many things that could be used as molds to make duplicates out of a few safe chemicals or matrices. I can spend a few days in places like this with my camera, a video camera, and some containers to gather objects. Not many abandoned places where I’m at to go “shopping”. …..Dammit!

    Still, good pics and thanks for posting!

  8. as creepy as that building is why would they abandon that piano the piano could be worth as much as $100,000 us cant beleive its just sitting there

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