20 thoughts on “A Weird Soviet Plane VVA-14 – Part II”

  1. Some pretty cool pictures. Its neat to see relics from an era no too distant to the past. The drawings of what it looked like coming off the assembly line that were added makes it even cooler. Thanks

  2. Have you ever been to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum or the Kennedy Space Center? The only thing outside is the Saturn 5 and it’s in fine shape. We even have Migs on display indoors and in perfect condition.

  3. The nose has some resemblance to the proposal of the Arado German bomber of the 2ยบ WW.
    Very strange bird, I hope the staff of Monino Museum could get all parts together to see it at least in one piece.
    BTW great pictures!
    Regards from Argentina.

  4. Plexo says “We even have Migs on display indoors and in perfect condition”
    Well duh. They are indoors and the Air and Space Museum has quite a substantial support and funding.
    Go to the Pima Air Museuem. Most of the aircraft are outside, and are in rough shape.

  5. This is a ground effect aircraft.It “flies” about thirty feet above the water on a cushion of air,pretty much useless for anything else as it cannot travel over land,more of a fast boat then an airplane.

    • not true. it was designed to be VTOL for submarine warfare but due to designers death and lack of supply of lift engines was never fully completed. the example shown is the only one in existance and has the wings removed.

      “Designed to be able to take-off from the water and fly at high speed over long distances, It was to make true flights at high altitude, but also have the capability of ‘flying’ efficiently just above the sea surface, using ground effect”

  6. it looks like a boat
    those wings are much too short to provide anywhere close to enough lift; but they would make for an interesting hydroplane design

  7. Soviet Naval Infantry Assault Delivery Vehicle. High speed over the horizon assaults. With the fleet at distance and out of range for most land base defenses, the infantry would use the wing-over-water effect to virtually fly to their coastal targets. After seizing and securing their targets, the assault force would neutral any defenses. The landing fleet could then move inshore and offload heavier forces and equipment.

  8. It’s pretty amazing what kinds of things can get airborne with enough engines, wings, effort, determination or just sheer creativity.

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