33 thoughts on “Soviet Schools Through The Eyes of Americans”

  1. Lenin was like a God in those days. He was an object of almost total veneration. Communism was the religion of Russia. Russia mere traded one religion for another.

  2. Literacy increased dramatically (equaling the U.S. in a short time), equality of all peoples was taught, math and science outpaced the “West”, health care was free, large numbers of teachers were employed… what’s wrong with this?

    • People had no freedom. Education was used as an outlet to indoctrinate, not inform and educate. Dissent was destroyed with an iron fist. Students were taught to be sheep to blindly follow the government, and accept their role as meaningless, faceless worker bees for the glorious state.

  3. Great time….we were free and we didnt knew it…we were more free that today….today we owe the banks to the goverment to everything….then it was just freedom.Who doesnt lived in soviet union wont understand me.

    • It was all a lie.

      People were taught to spy on each other e.g., you could not make jokes about authorities, it would get you deported.

      Everything was exceptionally limited by the state, but ignorance is a bliss: people did not know what they were missing.

      Government decided e.g. that 8 m2 was enough living space for every person. Until today most Russians do not have a living room but are sleeping on a foldout couch. You could not develop yourself, only within the restrictions of the state. Etc. etc.

  4. Great Fotos! you know whats the sad thing about this fotos? after studing in russia, i know that they still have the same old desks and classrooms 😉

  5. People of the USSR were brainwashed by the Communist propaganda from their very childhood. History was totally distorted, information about everything was strictly censored, and nobody was allowed to speak out openly, or to leave that “communist paradise”.

  6. Interesting photos. Thanks!
    perhaps someone will publish old photos of the same time
    from France, USA, Spain, but no school for rich kids …

    I do not see any difference
    I think nobody can look at that time by today’s eyes
    it looks like to compare the rich districts of Moscow with a poor suburb of Paris or New York :)))

  7. @Grek
    >Great time… we were free and we didnt knew it

    Oh my, is it now in Russia under Putin so horribly bad that you say things like this?

    But honestly, a bit of irony and reflection is what makes this blog one of the most interesting sources about Russia, devoted and passionate about what Russia really is/was (not what Russian nationalists pretends Russia to be) Good work, people:)

  8. Lenin, just like Stalin and many other Russian/Soviet leaders was a delusional maniac, a killer and generally a menace to everybody. Communism is a crime. Communists should be wiped off the face of the planet. Russia and Soviet state, being communist states, brought to this world untold amounts of pain, suffering and evil. Communism is all about lie – history is nothing for commies, they would and will falsify it. Remember – WWII is largely attributable to Soviets as well, because they plotted with Germany. Also, Soviets plotted to invade West even before WWII. Thankfully, Poland miraculously managed to stop the hordes. They paid the price, but saved dozens of millions others.

  9. Many Russians like todays Russia.No Russians have been shot yet for talking trash against their government.Putins ratings have fallen as low as Obamas.Look around you people in Russia,without capitalism you would not have many of the products you see in the Ikea malls and other shops and you would still squat over a hole in the ground today!

  10. People who never lived under Tsarist sistem think Lenin was bad. Lenin brought liberation from oppression of all people who were treated as peons for teir bossess who played international games at the expense of their lives. Lenin was a liberator. Western people cannot judge anyone because they never experienced how things were before that. Communism lifted the whole USSR from povery into second world power. Do not forget that. If it werent for Gorbachev today USSR would be on par with the US.

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