Pickpockets Attack in St. Petersburg


Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg is attacked by pickpockets! In the daylight they rob people in the public transport, in cafes, stores, in the crowd, in the underground, anywhere … They do it openly, impudently, impertinently. Probably the worse situation is only somewhere in the ghetto of New York, or in the slums of Rio de Janeiro… And this is Nevsky – the main street of the northern capital of Russia!



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  1. Looks like that kid just to the right of center is picking something else too….

    Get yer fingers outta yer nose kid! Yer in a public place!

  2. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and this is more frequent in the city center, and children are almost always … I’ve never been attacked or robbed … but it has to be careful!
    this does not happen in slums. Slums are other dangers!

  3. I use English Russia for blogging all the time, but you guys are all acting like HICKS right now. Seriously.

    Masha from “ghetto of New York”

    • Hicks is a slang word from the early 20th century U.S. It is actually a shortened form of “hickory stick” which urban dwellers would use in a derogatory sense against rural folk.

  4. You ignorant people can’t think rationally?
    Stop drinking vodka and start to think.
    I bet if they were Russian you wouldn’t be saying all this nonsense. Does not have to do the color, race, religion…
    all over the world you can find thieves, either white ones or black ones.

  5. Nothing racist at all, they are all thieving scum. They even steal from the second hand store for the homeless where my mother volunteers. And that’s in the Netherlands!
    Wipe them all out!

  6. Here in Brazil we also got some Romanian Gypsies, however they to not steal wallets. They buy old horses, paint them to look new and sell it to the frist naive person.

    • Larsen are you sure that all gypsies come from Romania in your country?! Did you ever seen Romania? Think again! Is easy to say that romanian gypsies go in Argentina, Norway or Russia to steal wallets but few of them ever go so far.

  7. Just the same problem as we have in Norway.

    Rumenian gypsies stealing everywhere in Norway now. Threatening their way into old ladys houses to rob them of everything, mugging people on the street.

    Norway spent more than 120 million US dollars in a project to get the 500 “norwegian” gypsies to work. Only one of them got a job, and he quit after a while.

    Every one of them lives on welfare today, costing the goverment 10 millions of USD every year.

    Next to the muslims they are the moste hated ethnic group in Norway. We gave them everything, and they spit us in the face.

    Their culture could not exist without child abuse. Take away their children and give them a normal uppbringing. Teach them to read, write and work instead of stealing and robbing. A totally parasittic culture should not be allowed to exist among us. Their children deserve better than this.

    • How frustrating. I’m from Australia & we don’t have ANY gypsies here, but it sounds like every country in EU has the same feelings about them. When people take advantage of liberal societies but then turn around and claim racism if they are confronted? It’s not fair.
      Australia has lots of immigrants & most work hard to become Australians- no problems. There are some groups however (gypsies & extreme muslims?) that come to a country with NO intention of fitting in, in fact they can seem to resent and despise their host countrymen. This is the problem,
      How can you integrate those who have no desire to integrate? It seems you cannot.

    • If “Norway spent more than 120 million US dollars in a project to get the 500 “norwegian” gypsies to work,” that’s $240,000 per person, a bit like winning the lottery. So I doubt your statement is true. If it is, no wonder they didn’t find jobs. I wouldn’t work either if I was given $240,000 for free. This is a problem with flawed welfare programs, and thus an issue with your government, not the gypsies.

      Gypsies are nomadic, poverty stricken, uneducated and as this thread shows, pretty much universally hated because they are the OTHER, the OUTSIDER, and the SCAPEGOAT. Despite that, also according to this thread, they thrive.

      Methinks the mob is jealous. It’s good to see that in the 21rst century we still haven’t learned a thing.

    • A. Bunka here. Wrong again pinko. For all its power and
      persuasion, even the vaunted USSR couldn’t get these people to comply. Same thing with the Kurds. Kurds moved into Soviet Union, they would hold wedding festival, the Kurds would bang the wedding drum for days and days, nonstop. Nothing short of extreme police brutality could get them to stop. They wouldn’t work, go to school, etc. Maybe under Stalin, the Kurds and Gypisies understood there were times when they must comply. After Stalin, forget it, same old Kurds and Gypsies. A refreshing lesson in the power of the individual SPIRIT over state sanctioned communal control.

    • Communism reduces? Crime? Lololol, Communism, as practiced in modern and post-modern society, is a crime.
      The forced transfer of wealth, and debasement of, the source of that wealth.

  8. What used to be common only in certain places now is a world wide problem, with the unrestricted movement of people around the world. It’s a shame.

  9. I see people with no jobs,no school, no chance.Worse thing
    is what people write about them…God!2010 and still “racism” against this one and that one…brazilian slum…?why Brazil?Why Romania?why “the ghetto” in NY?Can´t you see? Is the same comments of Germany people in
    1939…it´s normal talk about “this kind of people” but they
    are simple human being – I don´t agree with people who see
    difference only because they are yellow,black or are different of me.
    Think people,think!

  10. Down here in Argentina in late 90s we got a bunch of “Romanians” who looked like gypsies to me.
    Here they were not pickpockets (we have a plentiful of them so do not need imported ones) but they sent their kids to beg money.

    In 2001 Argentina had an economic crisis and a 1 to 3 devaluation and they disappeared just like magic. Not even sharia would work that fast!

      • No-one can beat the “latinos” in crookedness and robbery. The competition was hard when the crisis hit Argentina and 1 in 3 argentinians took pick-pocketing as a mean of life, and since the gypses couldn´t catch up with the “latinos”, they had to leave the country.

  11. Gypsies are jews; let’s call them what they are. They are parasites by nature and have been for millennia. People should stop being foolish thinking these creatures can be reformed via “education” and what-not, as if that will override their genetic instincts. There’s no need to hate them–I don’t, any more than I hate mosquitoes, rats and other such vermin. I simply understand them for what they are and deal with them appropriately. So should humanity with jews.

    Those who cry “racism” when one points out the obvious is probably a jew trying to mislead people or one of their “shabbos goy” dupes.

    • And do you know the words to the Horst-Wessel-Lied? (Wiki it if you really want to know).

      I’d say it is more of a cultural tradition. How do you educate someone who does not want to learn (a problem in schools worldwide)? And can make a living from a hand-in (petty thievery) or a hand-out (welfare).

      • You forgot the main difference: I have NEVER heard or seen a jew stealing stuff. And I’m sure I’m not lonely about that point of view.

        • Apart from Jew Bernard Madoff perpetrating the biggest fraud in history leaving investors at least $10Billion out of pocket.

          All races produce criminals.

      • Except you defend criminal behavior and I defend decent human beings. Wrapped up in your kooky ideologue you’ve overlooked who the bad guys are and who really brings hate into our world. Grow up.

        • “Agreed, parasites like the Jews.”

          But, I should be the one doing the growing up? LOL!!!
          You sir, are an utter buffoon. The only cure for it is to punch yourself in the forehead. Repeatedly.

      • I agree with your opinion on this, but the state of Israel is not a good example and can be used as justification for anti-Semitism, ironically and unfortunately.

        Not all Jews are Israelis. The state of Israel was wheedled out of the British government by way of coercion, force and playing on post-WWII guilt, snatching the land from the hands of the Arabs over a few complicated years. Glossing over a lot of the details, the USA continues to support Israel in its excessive use of force against Arab nations and its human rights violations, due in part to Christian Zionism which finds resonance in the original Israeli-founding Jewish nationalist Zionism (a niche movement in the Jewish faith to begin with.)

        TL;DR, two different points: the USA’s right wing supports Israel, and Israel is not representative of the massively diverse Jewish culture and religion.

      • Israel is not a success if it has to be a parasite. Israel was created not be a homeland for the jews, but rather as a base of criminal operations for the jew and a place to flee to when caught red-handed.

    • *Scapegoats for millenia.

      You’re the one who needs education, and badly. It is easy to get people riled up about a group, and then doubly easy to accuse naysayers of belonging to that group as a way of ignoring what they say. It’s an easy way out of using intelligence.

      There are no such things as “genetic instincts.” Genetics, yes. Instincts, possibly. But the two? No. Genes create predispositions for certain things. They are better understood in terms of physical characteristics. When it comes to genetically accounting for personality the studies have been largely inconclusive with the exception of psuedo-scientist quacks whose books are published by racist organizations. Not to be taken seriously unless you are simply looking for false validation of invalid opinions.

      • Of course instincts can be genetic. How do the animals know to do what they do? Simply predisposition or because it’s learned? Your statement defies observation. Try confusing others, you jew.

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instincts

          Read the first bit and scroll down to where it says “In humans.” I never said “learned.” As well, this is a no-brainer, but I am not Jewish.

          My statement doesn’t “defy observation.” Observation is open to interpretation. Your statement defies logic, human knowledge, common sense, and a number of other things, but I am not calling you names. To do so, especially on the internet, makes one the lesser man.

          Anti-Semitism is simply scapegoating and being short-sighted.The more one refuses this fact, the more harmful it becomes. I blame the education system wherever you grew up for its incompetence, and your inherited cultural prejudices.

  12. So if it happens in NY or Rio, it’s ok, but in St. Pete? Impossible, what a shock! Because for sure Russia is more civilized than America and Brazil (and all the rest).
    Soviets did not need agitprop, it seems it’s permanently in the Russian genes, this superiority complex…

    As for the rest of the comments on gypsies, I am sure Hitler and Sarkozy agree with you. Are these the kind of guys you’d like to have a meaningful conversation with?

  13. Gypsies have nothing to do with Romania,their are nomads from India, in fact their are an old indian population. They enter in Europe crossing the Bosfor strait.

  14. I,ve been to NYC many times. Never seen a Gypsy yet. I am sure they are there, but they don’t run around in that gypsy outfit I,ve seen in former USSR, colorful shirt, headscarf and that. In Tbilsi, Gypsies I met wore clean Gypsy clothes and they didn’t try to rob me. In Moscow Gypsies wore dirty clothes in tatters, like homeless people.

  15. google romanian and daily mail to see the crime waves for rape, theft, illegal begging they do in the UK. furthermore I have seen them pick pockets and beg in Milan (Italy), Lille (France). Paris and also soliciting sex at Chatelet les Halles in central Paris. They are not European but a band of Indians who crossed centuries ago hence the different skin tone and the complete lack of assimilation. Well I hate to say it but no (OVEN) smoke without fire. As can be seen by all the posts everyone (except some jews from New York) agree that they are thieving scum who contribute nothing. They are oxygen thieves.

  16. Same here in Slovakia… And if anyone starts a rant on racism… feel free to move some close to your place of living… you’ll be a Nazi by the end of the week.

  17. NY is actually pretty safe. My friends (from NY) and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras however, and one of them was pickpocketed.

  18. Here in Romania we ware happy, because 40% of gypsies went to bother other nations. Now they giving them back to us:((
    Let them stay, if you are such liberals:P

  19. Gypsies are just using the opportunity the left / liberal groups providing them.

    The left-liberal politics established and presents itself as the only solution with multi-kulti (multicultural) approach and loves to call anybody fasicst, racist etc who might have a different opinion on it.

    They developed for this a perfect economy – as long as there are poor gypsies who beg and steal, there must be a leftish organisation who helps then, give support money etc. Gypsies also quickly learned that if anybody touched then just need to whine and cry racist – there will a left / liberal journalist politician etc who will be happy to protect them from the facists and ask for more money for aid / support etc spent on gypsies.

    If anybody will solve the problem of the criminal gypsies, will have to sort first the problem of the supertolerant multikulti leftliberals.

  20. In Finland it was a common wisdom from the 70s to keep ones good extra secure in Vyborg or Leningrad.
    Well, this was the theory, cheap vodka was the practice.

    If one nominally attended into a ‘conducted tour’, it was relatively easy to get into USSR and in most cases aback too. Of course how much one could exchange rubbles was legally limited and the import duties were paranoid (liquor import was limited to a liter per person), but as said, vodka was cheap as long as one consumed it before the border.

  21. Gypsies should have all been eradicated during the second world war. The so-called “gas chambers”must have not worked very well.

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