25 thoughts on “Not So Cool As They Wanted to Seem”

  1. Heavy usage of the internal combustion engine nearly proved to be the ruin of 20th and 21st century Earth. We in the 23rd century are more evolved and have adopted the zero-emission dilithium crystal as our main power source. The only problem is that you can’t pull up to some babe on the street and rev up your dilithium-powered warp core to impress her – it just doesn’t have the same effect as a V-8 hemi.

    • (FCK STAND DOWN NOW) you need to learn your history. Dilithium crystal mining eventually led to the meltdown of an entire solar system early on in the twenty seventh century. Your meddling with time travel is making my job very difficult.I will use the force on your ass if you insist on keeping this up.
      Desist from your current path.

  2. Did they try deflating the tires slightly, but those fancy low profile tires probably don’t have much reserve for this.

    Note they had to use a Toyota Landcruiser to tow them out. If you’re going off road, use a workhorse, not a show pony!

  3. Hmm maybe hey should buy a truck instead of a suv that obviously gets stuck…it makes you wonder why someone didn’t just pull the vehicle out..?

  4. ha ha douchebag rich BMW owners! With a 6-8 guys couldve they just picked dat car up and carried it off the sand? Weaklings.

  5. Ok, fess up. How many of you little boys on this site got wood from the first photo of the person bent under the tyre in the black speedo?

  6. Our Russian brothers and sisters make the worlds best off road equipment.Isn’t it time for Russia to start some decent car production, german cars are now considered a waste of steal.
    I wish Russia would start up production on just about anything. How nice it would be to go to some store here in Canada and find something actually made in Russia. The only thing everyone buys is wooden stacking dolls. Russian’s are the worlds greatest inventors,mathematicians etc.you just need to organize. Look at china and Japan with the way they get shit done its crazy that Russia has not jumped in.
    Maybe in the future it will happen,

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