22 thoughts on “Transdniestria Defenders 1992”

  1. Don’t be ahsamed of your heritage. Some of it is very inspiring. But you’re right. Great portions of Russia are occupied territory. Some not do long ago. Look at East Prussia, the southern states, etc. They are trying to take Ukraine back now.

    Watch out Baltic states….

    • East Prussia?
      Do you mean it should be German again? Like some parts of Poland should be Germany.
      Southern states? Which?
      Chechnya… they live on their own, allmost
      They are trying to take Ukraine back now.
      Who “they” are?
      Can you name any nation (bigger than 5 mlns) that never occupied someones territory

  2. Pix # 3, the guy in the back looks like Sean Connery from Zardoz.Even seems to be wearing the same diapers.


  3. All the “countries” that have broken off from the Sov. Union are pretty much basket cases. Capitalism isn’t gonna save them…

    • Lithuania seems to be doing okay right now… positive economic growth after austerity measures have put them up to EU standards… plenty of Lithuanians who lived in the US for a few generations returning… part of NATO… almost energy independent from Russia… Belarus aching for cooperation… no, not too bad.

      • I stand corrected. “Most” of the “countries” that were once part of the Soviet Union are basket cases. Capitalism isn’t gonna save them…

    • Basarabia was a russian 200 years,in Romania only 23 years. Romania should forget about it. Your fault that u attacked Russia in WW2.

      • Basarabia pamant romanesc, indeed. Moldavia is a stolen land from Romania and their language is identical to romanian, so guess what: we wil be reunited some day.
        Cheers, rusky !

  4. The last picture. Russians have a unusual tradition – drinking with people who are gone in graveyeards. They usually drink near graves or tables, like in pic. One glass ” is allways full and stays on the table for the comrade. They leave food after this ritual for upcoming people.

  5. im sorry for all that died in that war cuz they faught for a country that noone recognises, not even Russia.


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