25 thoughts on “Soviet And Russian Cars That You Would Never See”

  1. Picture #9 looks very similar to a Ford MK3 Escort 1700T, anybody confirm what it actually is? Pic #2 looks like some kind of weird take on an AC Cobra kit.

  2. Yeah, designers didn’t do much, most of those are rip-offs
    13 – Willy’s Jeep
    20 – looks like 80’s Chevy Nova
    23 – similar to Mazda 323
    27 – looks exactly like Ford Escort
    Whatewer was their own idea, was unsuccessful

  3. In soviet union is hybrid car prototype too (ET-800 Elektra),
    wich made in ~1964.

    check this out:

    Pickture about that car:

    • Ah a true comparison of economic systems: The American United Auto Worker Union member, versus the Soviet automobile worker. The rate of pay today for a USW worker is $40 an hour plus. If they get laid off, they are entitled to University benefits, for free, and a load of benefits. Now, how much did the Soviet worker make? Where is the workers paradise? I myself belong to a union and I enjoy a 401k plan, based on stock, and lifelong benefits.

      • A worker’s paradise: There are no wealthy, all workers who contribute are rewarded with a guaranteed job, free education for themselves and their children, free medical care, decent housing (no McMansions for the bosses), and all elderly and children were cared for. The sickening gap between the poor and rich that exists in the US was not present in the Marxist Sov. Union of the 20s.

  4. I wish there was a caption to each. Things not looking good in 2010:
    GAZ no longer makes cars
    SEAZ ditto
    Lada clings on
    UAZ still making good kit
    Zil bankrupt but just made a new limo for this years May Day parade
    …at least the good old Lada 2105 is still in production.

  5. A. Bunka here. Shot number 3 is a handsome car. As far as rip offs are concerned, take a look at the Chrysler 300, and the Bentley.

    Or the old Chrysler K cars that came out in the 80’s, follows the Diamler models lines to a T.

    Car companies rip each other off all the time. Mostly, from the Germans and Italians. Once upon a time, Detroit had a style all its own, just look at Harley Earl’s work with Buick, or, the Studebaker Avanti, a truely advanced design for its’ time, sadly, was produced too late to save that beloved company.


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