The Unmasked: Soviet Agitprop

The Unmasked 1

The stunning example of the Soviet agitprop. 37 pages from an agitation book of 1952.

They have no masks.

The Unmasked 2

The Unmasked 3

The Unmasked 4

“Freedom” in the USA: the list of security risk, democratic elements.

The Unmasked 5

“Economic upturn” in the USA:

US: military budget of the USA, crisis: unemployment and poverty

The Unmasked 6

Wall Octopus:

Wall Street: aid to Luxemburg, Greece, France, Belgium, England, Denmark …

The Unmasked 7

Farming innovation:

American press: war propaganda, libel, war hysteria, lie, nonsense …

The Unmasked 8

The American project of the Eiffel Tower reconstruction: for the French people

The Unmasked 9

In the atelier of Paris: armament drive

The Unmasked 10

American toady

The Unmasked 11

Wall newspaper of the French people: down with warmongers, down with yankees, peace forever etc.

The Unmasked 12

Pillars of the French reaction: concentration camp

The Unmasked 13

Militarism nest of West Germany

The Unmasked 14

Puppet theatre: Bonn government

The Unmasked 15

Caring Bonn:

Revanche: for the Nazi kids

The Unmasked 16

Peace contribution: German Democratic Republic formation

The Unmasked 17

Rabid dog

The Unmasked 18

Fascist toadstools: Wehrmacht

The Unmasked 19

Proverb: 16 million Germans for the peace and against remilitarization of Germany

The Unmasked 20

Modern Turkish sofa

The Unmasked 21

Basic peculiarity: terror, espionage, sabotage, murders

The Unmasked 22

Viennese heel: the Austrian government against nuclear weapons prohibition

The Unmasked 23

Austrian Governmental corps de ballet: atomic-hydrogen tunes

The Unmasked 24

Strong ties

The Unmasked 25

The gunfire of Japanese samurais

The Unmasked 26

The bloody way of the aggressors

The Unmasked 27

American murderers in Korea

The Unmasked 28

American balance: profits and victims of American aggression

The Unmasked 29

Death island

The Unmasked 30

Foreign bird

The Unmasked 31

Foreign mission

The Unmasked 32

The pitcher goes often to the well, but is broken at last.

The Unmasked 33

A single chain

The Unmasked 34

“Pocket majority”: going to the U.N.O. conference room

The Unmasked 35

Under the new sign: Washington U.N.O.

The Unmasked 36

The Unmasked 37

American “peacemaker”: new war, new expansion, new supremacy

The Unmasked 38

Legal and socialistic pontons – to the Western Europe

The Unmasked 39

American look: remilitarization of Germany, remilitarization of Japan

The Unmasked 40

Third is a crowdЖ market outlet

The Unmasked 41

At the marshaling yard

The Unmasked 42

The Unmasked 43

For the durable peace!

The Unmasked 44

Dreams and reality: 600.000.000 signatures for the pact of peace

The Unmasked 45

Indestructable barrier: for the pact of peace

The Unmasked 46

Atomic monopoly of the USA: Falling apart at the seams

The Unmasked 47

The Unmasked 48

Here’s a nice pound! – rise of ruble

The Unmasked 49

Two programs: program of peace construction; armament drive program

The Unmasked 50

Peace lasting guarantee

The Unmasked 51

Guardian of peace: “We defend the cause of peace!” – I. Stalin

The Unmasked 52

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58 thoughts on “The Unmasked: Soviet Agitprop”

    • One way propaganda, bs in, bs out. Tou cry and whine about faults of the West, greed, violence, etc. grasping upon the idea that somehow USSR was above all this. I don’t deny the faults of modern society, it’s the opposition killing Marxist who live in a fantasy world.

  1. A. Bunka here. Nothing is perfect. I dread to think what would have become of the the world without the USA. left to Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. The dynamic trio. Didn’t this guy draw for Mad magazine?

    • Yeah, and the majority of this people were russians.
      Thanks to Stalin for the victory in WW2, but in fact he was very um.. ‘difficult’ person.

  2. If you want to see more of such drawings, take a loot at my Flickr set of soviet propaganda material found in various abandoned barracks:

  3. Very aggresive huh? Tell me about at least 10. oh, okey, SIX countries we have invaded (or tried to invade) in the last 80 years. We are waiting.

    PS. Nobody here calls america agressive, but…

    1991 – Iraq – 200,000
    1992 – Somalia – 7,000
    1974-1992 – Angola – 650,000 +
    1986-1994 – Colombia – 20,000 +
    1995-1998 – Turkey – 27,000 +
    1997 – Rwanda – 6,000
    1965-1997 – Indonesia – 1,000,000
    1990-1997 – Iraq – 1,200,000 +
    1998 – Afghanistan – 2,000 +
    1986-1998 – Guatemala – 200,000
    1999 – Yugoslavia – thousands
    1999 – Iraq – hundreds
    1991-1999 – Kuwait, Iraq – 1,620
    2000-2002 – Palestinian Territories – hundreds
    2001 – Afghanistan – 23,000 +
    1995-2001 – Peru – unknown
    2002 – Angola – unknown
    2002 – Iraq – unknown
    2003 – Afghanistan – 300 +
    2003 – Algeria – hundreds
    2003 – Iraq – 17,000 +
    1976-2003 – Indonesia – 12,000 +
    2003-2004 – Palestinian Territories – 1,400 +
    2003-2007 – Iraq – 1,000,000 +
    2006 – Palestine, Lebanon – 1,300 + (to August)
    2006 – Haiti – 8,000 + (to September)
    2007 – Somalia – 2,000 +
    2008 – South Ossetia – 2,000 +

    • Last 80 years? Wrong choice of a time frame! plenty!
      every country west of todays Russian border, and few countries still within the borders. From Finland to Turkey. Oh, it is just the west… What about the south?

    • Don’t forget, they’ve had their hands in a LOT of other places.. Vietnam, korea, Afghanistan just for starters. It used to be, just about any place that America was involved in a military action, russia was right there behind the lines. Which is WHY we went into a military action, to keep russia from getting involved in that location in the first place!

    • I always thought that it was the Poles who invaded Russia back in 1919. They were pretty happy to use a good timing when the Russians got busy fighting each other in the civil war so it looks like the Russians just tried to push the Poles back to where they came from. Being too busy with killing their own people the reds couldn’t finish it with the Poles at that time so they had to postpone retrieving their lands from the Poles until 1939. Sorry pal it looks like the Poles just bit at what they couldn’t swallow, just your usual Poles, doesn’t look like Russian invasions there just a pay back.

      • Poles always tried to invade Russia. The result:
        1. Ukrainians.
        2. The biggest country called Russia (USSR for some time, unfortunetly)
        3. A small place somewhere nobody knows where called ‘Poland’.

    • Nope, not enaugh. I said last _80_ years, it’s since 1930.
      So we can throw out
      this one Poland – twice (1919)
      and this one – Finland – twice (1922)

      And about this one:
      Georgia – (2008)
      Don’t make me laugh, k?

    • Let’s not forget the invasion of Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia in 1940 in this regard. Concerning the propaganda: although totally misleading and obviously masking the real circumstances one has to admit that it has been done in a professional and remarkably good quality (for it’s time).

  4. Sadly all to many of those pictures are more true today than they wore when the book was written.

    If you also compare this book with how evil Russia has been painted for the last 50 years by the US, the pictures are pretty moderate.

  5. Death is a side effect of politics. No matter what side you back there are always consequences for the choices you make. Especially if it results in warfare. However, there are three examples of institutionalized murder.

    Pol Pot,

    All glorious communist leaders. All mass murderers responsible for the death of millions. No one can say that the death of innocents has ever been the goal of the U.S. You can relativize all you want. There were Soviet puppet states and proxy wars too. The truth is, Western civilization and capitalism has done more good than harm to man kind. All you revisionist history professors can propagandize all you want but you can’t change the truth.

    Where are the U.S. gulags? Where are the U.S. killing fields? Where are the U.S. re-education camps? Where did the U.S. systematically kill millions of it’s own people for thinking or speaking the wrong beliefs? Until can show me that, bite me!

  6. Amazing propaganda, except that it is all backwards, the USSR was the evil empire. The communists killed millions in the name of the proletariat. USA liberated millions of people.

    • >>USA liberated millions of people.
      Especially people in vietnam, iraq, yugoslavia, afghanistan.
      Oh, you can also tell us about nig.. afro-americans, who has been um.. liberated in 1865…

        • This is a bit late but I couldn’t resist.

          Here’s two stats for you:

          – Germany used ~85% of its military resources fighting against Russia in WWII.
          – Germany lost 75% – 90% of its military men fighting against Russia in WWII.

          RUSSIA liberated Europe from the Germans. Though as a Pole, I wish they had left Poland sooner.

          US liberated people in Korea? Perhaps, plus killed many. The US didn’t go in there to save any people.

          Iraq? Are you daft? Before the 90’s Iraq was one of the most advanced Middle Eastern countries. Women had the most rights in the region. Hussein was an a-hole but he was OK if kept out of the way of.

          You’re a complete fool if you believe the US spent HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars, thousands of its soldiers’ lives and a couple hundred thousand Iraqi lives… to “liberate” the Iraqis.

          Please give your head a shake.

          At least there’s hope since hanging out at a site like this you’ll get a bit more exposure to the outside world.

  7. Back in the soviet times, you basically negated what the official press said and you got the truth. It was really that easy. Now they have
    It looks better, it’s a bit smarter and less straightforward but it’s basically the same thing. Watch that and you’ll see what they want you to think.
    For example, note their staunch and unconditional criticism of European Union, in their view 100% corrupt and already fallen apart. Even if it was, why do Russians care so much? It either means they’re scared of united Europe or even more scared that countries like Ukraine might want to join…
    Anyway, nice blog, thanks!

  8. In the shoving match between the US and the USSR, all the little people in between got bombed, shot, poisoned, maimed or just had their economy basically destroyed. Pot, meet Kettle. Both sides want to paint themselves as the heroes preserving the world from the other side. But all the silly pictures apply equally to the US as well as USSR. Humans in power are despicable.

  9. All countries occupied by USA eventually become free democracies.
    All countries occupied by Soviet Russia became prisons for their peoples.

    • All liberated states of US are tied with there economy – they sell stuff for coins to US, they buy weapons and other stuff from US at high prices. All of the heads falls in US pockets. That is the mirrage of freedom.
      Atleast occupated USSR countries had support: from military to economic.

  10. Awsome collection. I hate to see the fixation on nationalist pride;…All of our ( meaning peoples} govts/armies have been guilty of and continue to be guilty of such atrocties against each other and to the helpless the innocent that we shold hardly be able to lift our eyes to look directly at an ‘honest’ man. This’free democracy’ here in the USA is becoming less and less something to take pride in. I think we’re all whistling in th dark to keep our spirits up.

    • Thank you some one finally said it! I couldn’t agree with you more. Obviously this has turned into a flame war about which Country has done more bad things. In all honesty it isn’t really going anywhere. This was supposed to be a HISTORICAL segment on a blog website pertaining to anything Russia…. not on who could play the blame game better.

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  12. Note that some of the pictures show Tito decorated with swastika. Koba hated his guts, because, although a Commie, he refused to dance to the Moscow tune. Until the fall of the Curtain, Yugoslavia was incomparably more prosperous than the unlucky Ostblock countries.


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