The Purest Places in Russia

The Purest Places in Russia

Escape from the heat and dust of the city! These are the most ecologically pure places in Russia.


It is may be called “the lungs” of Russia. Go there for unique and salubrious air, to enjoy the primeval purity of tarns.

The Purest Places in Russia

Gorny Altai

The Purest Places in Russia

Some remote areas have nearly preserved their primeval condition.  There are lots of natural monuments in Altai. Various medicinal herbs grow here.

The Purest Places in Russia

Chuisky trakt. Altai.

The Purest Places in Russia

The Shavlinskoye lake. Altai

The Purest Places in Russia


Compared to other regions of the country the ecological situation of Karelia may be called favourable. And what’s more important there’s no tendency for its worsening. Of course we mean preseved areas of Karelia. Karelia is “painted” two colors: blue and green. The “blue” color – 63 000 lakes, the “green” – taiga. By the way, the biggest lakes of Europe are situated in Karelia: Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega.

Lake Ladoga

The Purest Places in Russia

Valaam – the pearl of Karelia, the real symbol of the northern Russia.

The Purest Places in Russia

All in all Karelia has 108 natural monuments and 46 wildfire preserves.


The Purest Places in Russia

The Republic of Tyva

Tyva is widely regarded as medicinal storage area of Russia. About three million of hectares are covered here with cedar forests. It’s not the air, it’s healing elixir! There are 8 000 rivers in Tyva. An interesting fact that Tyva is situated in different climatic zones: taiga in the north and Alpine grasslands in the west. The fauna of Tyva is also unique: you can meet both a reindeer and a camel here.

Tyva has 2 nature reserves, 17 wildlife preserves and 12 natural monuments.

The Purest Places in Russia


In the south of Russia the purest place is Kabardino-Balkaria, of course. And the main attraction of this place is the Caucasus, its clean air and cool rivers and lakes.

The Purest Places in Russia

Kabardino-Balkaria is rich in mineral springs.

The Baksan River

The Purest Places in Russia


It is situated in the center of Asia and it has some climatic zones: from forest-tundra to steppe. 6% of the Republic is the natural-reserved fund. There are many coniferous forests in Buryatia.

Baikal lake

The Purest Places in Russia

Barguzinskaya valley

The Purest Places in Russia


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  1. “All in all Karelia has 108 natural monuments and 46 wildfire preserves.”

    No wonder Russia has so much trouble with forest fires… they actually create “wildfire preserves”!

    • No fear in the USA. Russia can’t fight it’s way out of a paper bag. If they didn’t have nukes, they’d all be speaking Chinese or Polish.

      • You’re pointing on nukes, but you don’t know russians. They are warriors for their destiny. They can survive in winter in t-shirt just because they are russians. Americans are tough in Hollywood. By the way, i think Canadians are as much tough as Russians. They have vast, harsh land, so it makes their spirit like Siberia makes Russian spirit.

    • You need to allow regular wildfires in forest management. Not allowing regular wildfires creates a setting for having gigantic disaster wildfires.

      It was something the US had to learn the hard way.

  2. Kareliya is part of Finland, russians steal it from us and someday Finland join in Nato and then with help of all NATO countries we will take our areas back and Finland-Russia border is in URAL-mountains.

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    Go to Northern California, Michigan, Oregon, Maryland, Hawaii and you’ll find America is gorgeous……..

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