Snowmobile River Riding

Snowmobile River Riding

A Swedish freestyle rider Daniel Bodin rode around Petropavlovskaya fortress on snowmobile.

A sportsman decided not to wait for winter.

Snowmobile River Riding

Daniel is training on the lake near St. Petersburg.

When you ride on water, the carrier is “flying” and only the track is touching the water surface. At that you shouldn’t release gas.


But the main ride was made smoothly. He started from Strelka, rode around Zayachy island and moored at the beach of Petropavlovka. It took less than 5 minutes.

Snowmobile River Riding

The distance made 3700m


Warning: Daniel Bodin is a high-skilled professional! His safety was provided by 2 dozens of people. Don’t try to do the stunt!

Snowmobile River Riding

The speed of the ride – 50-60km/h




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  1. You have to remember that snowmobiles don’t float. It is the speed that stops them from sinking. Stop, or ease the throttle too much, and you have a very expensive rock.


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