12 thoughts on “Striking Waterspout in Novorossiysk”

  1. Not uncommon for multiple funnels to form, at night gives the illusion that an area has been hit by a single force 5 vortex if over land.

  2. it´s a climate weapon of th USA in action, same as the heat and the fires, ask the ortodox fanatics, they´ll tell even you more

  3. Amazing with all the ships present that one did not get hit. I imagine a ship that large should withstand a hit by a tornado.

  4. My bet is many residents there are shocked saying “this can
    never happen here! or I have never seen anything like this before!, ect. In any area where it has flat terrain and hot muggy weather, these are ingredients for a tornado and they can happen anywhere. Moscow and St. Petersberg have had tornadoes in the past.

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