How to Deceive a Casino

Some Ways to Deceive a Casino 1

Here’s one of the ways to deceive a casino.

Cheats put fake chips with a hidden camera on a table. Next to them they put a cigarette pack with a signal booster. A signal is passed to a monitor of an accessory who is sitting in a car with tinted glass not far from the casino. The accessory relays information and the player hears it in an earphone and he knows what cards the dealer has.
The point is that the camera is located at the level of the table and it shoots cards during dealing.

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21 thoughts on “How to Deceive a Casino”

    • The question is not “i wonder what the mafia will do to you?”, it’s “which ditch or ditches your remains will be found in?”.

  1. oh please, here we go – mafia, there is more russian mafia in the mediteranean coast now, as they can´t get back to the country, their time has finished in the 90´s… Well, no we have a state coruption instead.

  2. A. Bunka here. Amazing and brazen. Years ago a man was caught in Vegas with a home made card calculator that he operated with his foot inside his shoe. Obviously, he got caught. Police should be as vigilant as the security in these casinos.

  3. For one, you almost never see chips stacked perfectly straight like that unless they’re in a tray. Dead give away!! I spotted that camera hole even before I knew what you were talking about, so THAT is another dead give away.

    Las Vegas is on to ALL this stuff and FAR more…. They’d spot the electronic signals just from using a spectrum analyzer, you’d probably never even get to try it out.

    But then again….. gambling IS for fools.

  4. No, those are not really Russians… Russians cheat in a much simpler way: they go to Casino Niagara (free shuttle bus from Toronto if you buy some chips), then start gambling there in pairs: one of them bids on red, another – on black. After a night it occurs that they both spent great time, enjoyed free drinks and left the casino without any profit or LOSS.

  5. In Vegas they have scanners for RF signals in the casinos. Even if you don’t use any transmitter, digital circuits give off detectable RF signals. If you’re caught with any mechanical or electronic aid they arrest you on the spot. People die every year while resisting arrest.

    With practice though you can count cards on BJ and clock the roulette wheel in your head and then the most they’ll do then is ask you to play slot machines or dice instead.

    Also watch out for team play on the poker tables where some of the other guys at the same table are playing together as a team against you.

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  7. Pure Rubbish. This would never work in any casino in the U.S. I can’t understand why we can’t secure our airports when you can’t do math IN YOUR HEAD in a casino.


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