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  1. First! They arn´t russians they are lithuanians, estonians and ucranians
    well, I live in Spain, and to tell the truth, these pfotos is nothing in comparison with DRUNK BRITISH teenagers in holidays

  2. Well, when i was about that age, my peers still were dreaming of becoming cosmonauts, pilots… nowadays I see that fat bottom girlie sticking 2 fingers up almost everyday. Phooey!
    P.S. Hope that mom on the 4th photo from above tumbled to an idea to give her kid an empty jar?

    • Absolute truth!
      Young people will always try shock, rebellion, rage to show they are different. Only later, when most- not all- will have to work for a living and grow up, pay the bills, raise their kids who then themselves become shocking, rebellious, angry at parents and society… It’s all just the cycle of life, I don’t get upset at it anymore, because I know where it’s going and how it will end.

      • We Russians take it a step further. We make it reality. Look around you, if you visit Russia. This is how people live!!!
        Very basic, with ugly wallpaper to back them up!!

        First we elect some low-life to run the country for us. Of course he takes advantage of the situation – we would all do that, we’re brought up to act like that!!
        We suffer and complain because of the i-diotic laws etc.
        Then we make revolution, but only to start it all over again!!

        We will always be young and brutal!! We are Russians!!

        • That’s a sad epitath my friend. Look at what happened to your namesake, the Real Kirov. He was a good man, Russians wanted a change from Stalin, who could blame them Kirov, and all the delagates who supported him were murdured. I criticize the USSR much here, but your new government isn’t very good either. It seems like the Russian Federation has no direction, no goal to justify its’ existance.

  3. Anyway Jaguar does not contain vodka, there’s pure alcohol of 8% in it.
    This drink really rocks.In Russia we almost were addicted to it. 🙂
    It’s a shame that in the EU you cannot get such ‘alcoenergy’ drinks.

  4. Almost half of this photos are maid by normal people who is really can’t stand the rest rednecks. However, the majority of population do really looks like on the photos.

  5. I can hardly say that you can see normal teens.In riga,where i live,a lot of normal tens that are actualy adiquit.Like myself,im 16,i play pc games,i dont smoke,i dont drink alcoholic drinks,live in 2 roomed flat,all of my friends are the same except they dont actualy get crazy bout such situations and they dont drink until they die(they drink only at holyday ya know)So…..well…..poor kids =(((

  6. Great, energetic drunks. Better to just let ’em sleep it off. Now they can’t. Not to mention getting teens started early drinking alcohol. As if that hasn’t ruined so much as it is.

  7. CHERNOBLIY! Anyone see “Hot Tub Time Machine”??? This is the drink I thought of — one of the characters pulls this can of Chernobliy from his bag, bragging how he has no idea what’s in it, but “it’s ILLEGAL!”

  8. Is that stuff expensive or why is everybody so lucky having it?
    I’ll never get behind the thing with ‘energy+vodka’ if you can still have beer …

  9. yes, thats rather popular energetic drink with 9% of alcohol in russia. i know it very good cause several years ago i was drinking it every day and action of this chemical stuff is like a drug.
    it has non-alcohol analog with the same name and branding, but its price several times more (it is used for adds for avoiding low issues) and volume is 0.25l, but alcohol varians are cheaper and has volumes of 0.33l and 0.5l.
    this alcohol/non-alcohol drinks pair have analog Red Devil with the same pricing and advertasing.
    non-alcohol variants are not popular at all, but they are being soled very good in night clubs with real vodka that makes the price of such cocktail very very high…
    by the way i stopped use alcohol at all cause in russia
    to be polite, clever, smart and not to drink alcohol is like to be the punk! =)

  10. A. Bunka here. Alcohol is a depressant, so why are they putting it into an energy drink? Because it will sell. When I was in Moscow they were selling Gin and Tonic in a can right out of a street cart vendor. I didn’t try it, it must be awful. The vodka was very good, nice and smooth.

  11. The problem is, that our (Russian) government: they’re stimulating the morbidity of mental disorders and neurotic society, to ensure the herd and underdevelopment Russian. Genocide of the nation from criminals in government, and now they are all identified and will be punished

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