18 thoughts on “Extinguishing Wildfires”

    • OMG Russians are so poor, they finally managed to contain their wild fires with the help of American and Polish assistance. 🙁

    • Nobody talks about how fires started: people leave the city because it is hot, go to dacha, have BBQ and set everything on fire, drunk and inconsiderate as usual

  1. http://media.englishrussia.com/extinguishing_wildfires/21.jpg

    Does that young man have a beer? I don’t think it’s safe to be drinking while in such a dangerous location. His parent’s should be ashamed.

    • Testicules! Russians made and make very good firefighting planes and helicopters. And the use,at home,and sussefully used in Greece,Portugal,and Spain. Portugal and Spain bought Russian Kamov Ka-32 helicopters for fire fighting.
      watch this:




  2. Yeah, this stuff is really old-fashioned, in Germany this cars would be sent to a museum. Altough I live in a village our oldest fire cars are 15 years old,our newest 4 months…

    • Luckily the russians don’t have enough money to be like the german snobs. They won’t sell something (and buy a new one) just because it’s old. If it works, they use it. Plus in the newer firefighter trucks there has many-many electronics which makes them very unreliable, while there’s nothing that can’t be repaired on these old trucks.

  3. You’re getting it. don’t wait for the government to react, just get to work. Shovels are your best tool, in favorable wind conditions, back fires can burn out the fuel into the oncoming flame front and knock it down.

    Look up Pulaski. It’s a combined axe and adz head. Works for clearing fuel and digging fire lines.

  4. Between the lawyers and the unions, this could never happen in North America. The ordinary citizen is forbidden from doing any job that is government and unionized. We just have to pay inflated prices for the work to be done!

  5. Where is the army? Shouldn’t they be mobilized (especially engineering units) to assist in cutting firebreaks, providing manpower to assist the volunteers, or using helicopters for water bombing?

  6. It’s great to see men, women and children all volunteering to fight a common enemy.

    BTW, in villages of fewer than a few thousand, it’s common in the USofA to have volunteer fire departments. Some of them have lots of nice new equipment.

  7. Great Russian firefighter planes:




    and helicopters:



  8. You people need fire rakes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McLeod_%28tool%29, works well with backpack fire pump for putting out stubborn woody smoulders, that and of course a few hundred soldiers. Hot, hard work, especially in the military, nothing like it on plus 40 degree days.


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