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    • thats exactly what ive been saying, here in Australia they are all on holidays because of winter while the Russian firefighters and army are struggling to control the fires.

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  2. This is so totally copied from the American Website


  3. This picture set is basically an uncredited rip from Boston BigPicture:

  4. Nicely stolen from Boston Big Picture! 😉 Well done…

  5. Even if these fires did burn Russia to the ground, it would take forever because it’s so big. (but let’s hope that doesn’t happen)

    That photo of Putin cracks me up. It’s like he has to be the center of attention ALL the time or something. Like maybe he’s trying to prove how young and virile he is, afraid of getting old maybe.

    • There is nothing wrong with a leader letting his people know that he is around, that he knows about what’s going on not from the newspapers but first hand.

      • there is nothing good about it, he’s doin nothin just taking credit for fighting with fires. Like always. Gettin political everywhere.

        I’m with Russia, but not with Putin.
        And Russia is desperate if they even need help of small countries like Latvia ,Estonia or Lithuania. I really hope firefighters and army will deal with fires soon.

  6. Understand the USA has offered assistance. Don’t know why the help wasn’t offered sooner. Maybe it was. But we have a lot of equipment and people who can help; we get a lot of big fires here, too. My best to the Russians.

  7. Will be very hard to control those fires, lets hope it rains soon, otherwise it only could get worse.

    It is said that using planes releasing silver nitrate or something like that would cause rain, is that true? could it be used in this case?

    • In a hot, dry, stable air mass? No moisture to fall out of the sky. It’s pretty dodgy even when there is significant moisture.

    • In a hot, dry, stable air mass? No moisture to fall out of the sky. It’s pretty dodgy even when there is significant moisture.

  8. “…can hope only for God.” ? Obviously not a Communist. Nature obeys the laws of the Big Bang. Marxism is scientific. Fight the fires with technology, not prayer.

  9. Lol. It’s not really that shocking. At least it isn’t unless you think it’s real, in which case being shocked at public advertisements is probably the least of your worries 🙂

  10. God is good. Much of my life Russia was my enemy and I practiced ducking your nukes in school. Now I find myself praying that God will assist you in this dark hour. Somehow that feels a lot better than being enemies. I’m truly sorry for your trials. I write from Georgia in the Southern US.
    btw – I’ve got a president I’ll swap you for this Putin fellow. Refreshing to see a leader who conducts himself like a man.

  11. As one who fought wildfires years ago I can say that it “gets real” when you are out there actually doing the work required to control and extinguish them. It is tough and dangerous work to battle fire in nature’s domain. Best of good fortune and luck to everyone involved! Be Careful!

  12. Romania doesn’t do good either. We have lots of fludds around th eastern part of the country. It’s really bad what’s happening in Russia. No fresh air… not good.


    • Nice try, troll.

      Even so…. the PEOPLE of Russia are not the ones who took over Estonia. It was ordered by the leaders. The average person of Russia during Soviet time was just as much a victim of oppression as the people of your land… if not more.

      Nobody in Russia deserves this tragedy. Russians are good people. And on the off chance they are all as*holes, they still do not deserve it.

  14. Dude, what’s a fludd? There were some floods, but it’s all over now, we’re facing HOT weather here too, close to 40C. I wouldn’t be surprised if some wild fires will appear here in Romania. Also Ukraine is pretty close, and I hear they’re in danger too. How is the Cernobil site by the way, should we expect… surprises (such as one more eye, or hand) when we look in the mirror?

  15. These fires are caused by ignorance.

    Like, Muskovites get hot. They leave the city to go to dacha. Have BBQ in the forest. Russian BBQ is open fire. People get drunk, are their ignorant self and there is your forest fire.

    The amazing thing is there are not even official warnings against this behaviour. Everybody is still acting as if these are medevil times. I call this ignorance.

  16. I am Jewish and anti-Semitic is rampant in Russia, somewhere the “zhids” are being blamed…

    Still, I feel nothing but sympathy for regular people who lost their homes and livelihood. I hope it rains hard and puts the flames out permanently.

  17. OMG! Its terrible so many persons have no place were stay 🙁 But there was one village they born they houses to get money from government, but now they don’t have house and money too 🙁

  18. Prayers are being sent your way from the United States for this to resolve quickly and that the Russian people will restore their livilhoods and homes soon.

    We have had very strange climate in the US too. Unrelenting heat in some parts and unusual cold in others.

  19. I pray for my family who is near by. I hope everything gets settled. I feel bad for those people who lost their homes. Its upsetting.

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