20 thoughts on “Tank Painted Pink”

  1. For guy soldiers?
    For goy soldiers?
    For giy soldiers?
    For gey soldiers?
    For gay soldiers?

    I think pink is appropriate. The Russian Army hasn’t fought a serious war in Decades. Why not spice up the look a little?

  2. all nations should paint all war machines pink. This might be the beginning of the end of all wars. Wars are a total waste.

    Yea for the pink tank!

  3. maybe we can get other colors too. like a red one and a blue one and a yellow one and orange one. how about purple with white running stripe down side? or it could have 3 stripes and be like an Adidas shoe! super-cool tie-in!!!

  4. I like the idea of corporate advertising on military vehicles. It might reduce some of the tax burden on civilians if corporations paid for logo placement on weapons.

  5. Pink tank in Czech republic


  6. Very nice. Awesome to see that this happens around the world also. It is a tradition at one of our military colleges for the graduating class to paint one of the tanks on display pink. The 3rd-year cadets try their hardest to prevent it.


  7. Russians used to install their tanks on every occupied territory. One of the tanks was in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1991 it was repainted pink by gang of “clandestine” artists, because c’mon, green tanks are lame and they are hardly seen between park trees anyway. When Russians discovered the new fashionable color, they realized someone was making fun of them and raised an international protest:-))) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monument_to_Soviet_tank_crews)

  8. I am Russian, I am from Bratsk, Irkutsk region!
    It is no funny for us. It monument is part our history and cultural.
    May be, some teenagers thought that is fashionable and funny.
    But, many people from our city say that it no joke!
    It for us a STATUE LIBERTY (as for you). It national history to us.


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