The Flying Tank


Mi-28N “The Night Hunter” has a special system of pilots protection and can “see” an enemy at 35km distance even in darkness. Test pilots call it “fighter-helicopter” and ordinary people know it as “a flying tank”.

Night vision goggles of the helicopter allow a pilot to fight even in the night time. It is equipped with an impressive armoury reserve. An inbuilt movable gun can totally destroy an armored personal carrier in 10 shots.

The rockets complex “Igla” is intended for destruction of helicopters and drones. However, the main power of “the Night Hunter” is in its anti-tank missile “Ataka” against which all tanks are powerless.

The Flying Tank

The construction of the helicopter ensures the safety of the crew. The armoured cab withstands even direct hits of 12.7 mm bullets. A seat of the pilot is higher than the seat of the shooter so the vehicle has been made flatter and less vulnerable.

The Flying Tank

The Flying Tank

Mi-28N helicopters are already coming into operation of the Russian army. The Caucasus and The Russian Far East will see them first.

The Flying Tank

“The Flying Tank” applies a complex of on-board radio-electronic and instrumentation equipment that allows to use weapons and cope with flight and navigation tasks day and night in any meteorogical conditions at the lowest possible height using automatic terrain and flying around obstacle.





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  1. Another copy of an American system. It looks like the Apache Longbow. It also looks like some of the systems are directly purchased from the west.

  2. The Russians are bit late to the party with this thing. The Apache has been in service for 2 decades and the Russians are just now getting a helicopter with roughly equivalent capabilities.

  3. Wow! The Georgian war was such a big one! The feared and merciless Geogian Army is known for their fighting abilities.

    Even if this is a good helicopter, it won;t be produced in sufficient numbers to have a serious presence on the battlefield. Also, the doctrine to use it in combined arms does not exist. Russia hasn’t fought a real war since Afghanistan. Conscript Armies can not operate at the high level needed to make a weapon as this a factor.

    Plus I still say it is a direct copy of the Apache Longbow

  4. US lost to Taliban with “best” military tech. They can’t understand a fictitious character created by CIA can’t be killed with any weapon.

    • Pakistani ISI created the Taliban, which was formed long after the Russians left. The CIA just funded the Muj during the Soviet war.

  5. I’m sorry, but this topic makes it sound as if this helicopter is only just coming into use. It’s been introduced for over 10 years now.

  6. Gues – this hellycopter was developed about 20 years ago but we cant get them in army because we had alot of problems in 90-th. I seen it first time in TV in 1995. Ouer army men dont hide that they want to have helly like AH64 (without troops chamber).

  7. RB reaches out with shaky hand to pat the helicopter,and says”there there nice helicopter your not mean at all are you,whats that?no I don’t think you have a big nose. I have a big nose but not you.It’s OK you can turn off your laser,there that’s a good helicopter”

    • Not because of the US military capabilities; no country in history has ever defeated afghanistan… it’s impossible unless using weapon of mass destruction.

  8. I wonder how many of those copters Russia has.Whatever comes out of Area 51-dreamland or other secret bases will be world wide in 20 years.The pursuit of war will never end!

  9. Yup, reminds me of an Apache, too. Would also ask how many Russia can afford to buy, probably not as many as they would really need.

  10. The cockpit is armored to withstand up to 20mm rounds, not just 12.7mm. This chopper has been around for some time now and before this the had the MI-24 Hind (Crocodile) which was in itself totally bad for its time and is still badass today. As for the people here still saying Russia is a military basket case all I have to say is this. I don’t know of anyone even thinking of attacking them. It’s not the big/sophisticated armies that win wars, it’s the good ones.

  11. 35K? Nonsense, Russians can “see” an enemy in total darkness or in daylight from thousands of miles away, even underwater and it has been suggested, on other planets.

  12. First of all, Mi-28 it’s a 22 years old helicopter by now. 13 year later than AH-24, but still… Second, “the flying tank” was the nickname for Mi-24 (Hind), not for Mi-28

  13. Well when you set forth what you need in an Attack Helicopter and when the engineers design the thing and they start making them, guess what they start to look alike. Why because the mission is the same. When the U.S. Army set the standard for an replacement for the AH-1’s Hughes won with the AH-64. The Mission at the time was to hold the line in Western Europe, the Russians then Soviet Union hand an real advantage in heavy Armor, Tanks they had a lot of them, and it was thought at the time to be well hard to stop if the war every one though was going to happen happen. It turned out nope. Good thing too. Now the AH-64 is being flown in a mission it was never intended for and doing a good job of it. Also the Air frame is getting close to 30 years in service. The Army found that helicopters provide many useful things on the field. And they do wear out over time. The Russian Army needs helicopters just like any other Army in the world. This helicopter is just that a helicopter and when you get down to it, they all fly the same. It still takes a well trained and experienced pilot to fly and and do the things with them that are needed to be done. Russia is never going to fight a war in Europe, the war being fought by the Russians today is the same war we and the rest of the Allies are engaged in. Nope looks like a nice toy.

  14. america is the most indebted country and its people will pay the price with their live because everything else can’t because of the taxes-system (it is secret – there are too many people and they will pay the debt-system price with their live – new world order – they should stand up against this global system rising)

    youtube: “Jordan Maxwell – You are property of the Rothschild family!” and “US is a Corporation, not a Country. Got a problem with that?”

  15. I’m very funny read reviews of people in whose countries simply obsessed with copyright and patent law. If this plane was that it is directly copied from the Americans, the corporation would have been ruined by Sikorsky in court Mil Design Bureau.

  16. There is a good in flight video of the lastest N version.. its superior than anything Americans or nato have. greater protection ,weapons ,speed and everything.


    Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ /33yRJqyKPuo

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