Helicopter Crash Near Minsk

Helicopter Crash Near Minsk 1

Recently in Minsk there was held the 2010 Open CIS Helicopter Cup that turned out to be a tragedy for a German pilot Gunter Zimmer. A cheerful man aged 74 had flown since 1961 doing the tricks that hardly could be done by most young pilots. He came to the tournament with his partner but was luckily alone in the cabin during the fatal flight. The helicopter was approaching the landing strip, but crashed and started burning. The reasons of the tragedy are still unknown. 

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    • OMG I am surprised people are still flying helicopter or plane in Russia, cause made in Russia planes and copters are called flying coffin in the west due to frequent crashes and low quality products. 🙁

      • Gunter Zimmer flied with an MD 500 helicopter which was developed from the helicopters of the american army, it was not russian-made.

        • Yep, first picture I saw, said Hughes 500. We’ve got 2 of them stationed here on the airport. So, the person above wouldn’t know a Russian helicopter if it snuck up and bit him on the behind, eh?

    • Wow! Poor silly boy!

      1. This is an American chopper.
      2. I see you are a quite brilliant expert in the aviation, especially in helicopters :-/
      3. if you were not take your comment here, would be better 🙁

      (Regards: an aviation engineer having ratings for russian, western and American aircrafts (including helicopters – and for your information: I’m not a Russian)

      PS: I’ve sent my children to fly on Russian helicopters several time, and I was not worry!!

  1. Looks like the pilot paused in the 270 degrees turn around 1:26 to 1:27 in the video causing the fatal error in judgement.


  2. Wtf, they don’t care about the pilot? Just extinguish the copter with a smile in front of the camera… maybe he was still alive?

  3. Actually you can see the corpse of the pilot lying in front of the not so cheerful fireman, just in fornt of the remains of instruments panel. The hit was too hard to survive. RIP.

  4. I like that the summary says the helicopter was “approaching the landing strip.”
    He death-looped into the freakin’ ground. I guess, that technically is approaching the landing strip.

  5. He was to low and didn’t have enough room to complete the loop before impacting the ground. I been flying as a professional pilot for better that 36 years. The Huges/ MD-500 is a very good machine and is very crash worthy, When flown with in its limits. As for Russian Aircraft, there is nothing in Russia I would not fly If I get the chance. The only Russian Helicopter I have ever gotten to fly for a little bit was a Kamov KA32, all of 90 min worth. Good aircraft. Simple strong.

  6. Tragic for him, but that was perhaps the least graceful helicopter piloting I have ever seen! What made him think he was any good at that?? LOL

  7. Human error will get you killed every time .

    There is nothing wrong with Russians or American choppers and are second to none .

  8. it is and will stay an ENIGMA why such an experienced in heli flying pilot made such a stupied NOVICE mistake by doing a looping with an helicopter at such a too low altitude!helicopters are themself an anomalie in the aviationworld since they only depend up on the extreme small surface of the rotors to construct lift and keep the chopper flying.

    • “extreme small surface”? ever heard of the term “rotor disc”?

      The effect is more like a frisbee. Read a book before you spook.

      Many possibilities, I could say : constriction of the controls, loss of grip on cyclic or hesitation compounded by insufficient HAG for recovery, just from my first viewing. Maybe he had/suspected a boom strike pushed fore a little. There’s always the possibility of a wrong baro-setting when overseas like this, though that’s more of a “seat of the pants” cued maneuver. All that and I haven’t heard the audio yet, plus many more

  9. Not really… Didn’t laugh when I watched a movie of the Muhajadeen blowing a Russian helicopter out of the sky either.


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