18 thoughts on “Epic Tuning of an Old Moskvich?”

  1. What’s under the bonnet? No point having the show if there’s no go!

    A Mazda 13B rotary would probably be good fit, but they can be thirsty on fuel.

  2. ok, i give him props for originality, but OH MAN, the original car was really pretty as is. Some nice wheels a little lowering and whatever powerplant most tuned in that area would have gotten more props, but its cool.

  3. You either show it all, or skip it. Nothing wrong with showing a human body:,-Russia.html

  4. Nice work, especially with the lowered roof. The front bumper may be rubish but after all the car looks nice, seems to be a hot rod from the back and side view. Felicitari baieti, ati obtinut din rahat bici, cu succes.

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